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This Beautifully Illustrated Book Explores Some Of The Worlds Iconic Images, Teaching Children About The Impact Of Photography On Their World Some Of The Worlds Most Renowned Pictures Are Also The Most Exciting To View And Discuss From Neil Armstrongs First Steps On The Moon To The Fall Of The Berlin Wall Lindberghs Historic Landing In Paris To Nelson Mandelas Release From Prison Portraits Of Albert Einstein, Princess Diana And The Beatles The Opening Ceremony Of The Beijing Olympics, And The Devastating Oil Spill In The Gulf Of Mexicothese And Other History Making Photographs Are Presented In Double Page Spreads That Offer Stunning Reproductions Of The Images Themselves, Helpful Background Information On The Events And People They Portray, And Perspectives On The Circumstances That Inspired Them Paging Through These Photographs, Children Will Learn Not Only About People And Events That Changed The World, But How Photographs Preserve And Help Us Understand These Important Moments

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  1. Batfan7 Batfan7 says:

    A list of the top 13 iconic photos, as this book claims to be, should, indeed pick iconic photos ones that are of both epic events and that instantly grip the viewer with their impact on history The photos chosen, in my opinion, would not generally fulfill those requirements Several of them were excellent, but not the best ones For example, if you think of a photo of the twin towers, moments after they were hit, it would probably bring to mind the image splashed on most newspapers directly afterwards, not the distant, smokey picture chosen in this book I would grant that perhaps a photo of the events selected may may rate an inclusion, but the ones selected were very disappointing.Perhaps I m expecting too much, but with the title this book is given, I expected photos that I would agree that everyone should be familiar with because most people are familiar with them, not because the author happened to like them.For anyone who s interested, the events captured are Twin towers Lindenberg s plane, after his Atlantic flight, surrounded by a crowd Workers on a skyscraper there are two photos given, one of which seemed a rather odd inclusion as it was just a close up of a random guy using a measuring device Albert Einstein, sticking his tongue out this is one of the few photos I d say arguably deserves to be here A shot of the Chinese Olympics it s one on the cover of the book, with fireworks edit in 2015 I can say that this one should definitely not be included The Chinese Olympics were not so globally impactful that they should have a photo in the most important photos of history Nelson Mandela On the book cover Man on the Moon On the book cover A photo of the first man to reach the top of Mt Everest, from that peak A choice that may be appropriate, but not a photo I d ever seen before Martin Luther King Jr., before his I have a dream speech I wouldn t have picked that particular shot, although again the subject is interesting Princess Diana and Prince Charles kissing on their wedding day Crowds of people on the Berlin wall as it was coming down The Gulf Oil spill specifically, the oil rig aflame Edit 2015 Again, not an event that will be remembered as one of the top events of history The Beatles group A publicity shot from before they were so famous wouldn t their cross walk picture be iconic I realize it would be difficult to pick just 13 photos which children should know , but even within the subjects listed above, I would not have selected the shots used in many cases, and I don t really agree that all the subjects chosen were the best in any case There are so many historical events I m not including photos such as the picture of Earth taken from the Moon, which are nature pictures, since the photos selected appear to be mostly of people or events rather than locations which merit a solid consideration for a top photo what about the one of Iwo Jima and I simply can t agree with most of the ones this author selected.Finally, I have a few minor complaints about the text For example, a time line is given above the photo, but the event of the photo itself was not listed like MLK Jr birthday is given, but the date of the speech is not Overall, I would NOT recommend this book Compile your own list of iconic photos off Google and give a description to your kids as to why they are memorable or important It d be much effective and personal.

  2. Jamie Smith Jamie Smith says:

    Worked great in my class

  3. M. H. M. H. says:

    My students love to read when they finish a project early and this is a great series of books for them to learn about art.

  4. ying wang ying wang says:

    It is good

  5. Mama Stardust 2012 Mama Stardust 2012 says:

    Great way to introduce my kids to some major historical events and help them to recognize the images that commemorated those events