Read Reading 201 Turkish Verbs (201 Verbs Series)Author Talat Sait Halman –

I have seen much better verbs books than this It s laconic and doesn t really have any translations, it merely lists out all the forms It doesn t even highlight any unusual things to watch out for or what forms are in common or less common usage Also unlike with many verb books there are no example sentences The print and presentation are positively medieval A very poor effort. Great book very helpful for quick reference. If you are looking to learn Turkish and have trouble understanding the grammar, this book will let you know into Turkish verbs, its conjugations and tenses It will certainly improve one s understanding of Turkish, without question. This is the second copy of this book I have bought I donated my old one to a friend It is not an easy read but it is a very useful tool when trying to crack Turkish verbs The verb which comes at the end of a sentence is a vital part of learning the language This book translates the most common verbs in all the tenses you will need to use, and some As most of the verbs follow regular patterns it is easy with help from this book to conjugate those not listed. Themost commonly used Turkish verbs are transliterated into the Roman alphabet and presented one to a page Ok Found it hard to follow This has been very useful for me while I was learning Turkish. Manuel excellent pour travailler et r viser les verbes tous les temps principaux Class s par ordre alphab tique Tr s pratique et tr s bien fait verbes principaux seul b mol peut tre fait expr s mais la police d criture fait un peu vieillotte.. very good