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When It Comes To Big Science, Very Few Things Are Conclusively Known From Quantum Mechanics To Natural Selection, What We Have Instead Are Theories Ideas Explain Why Things Happen The Way They Do We Don T Know For Certain These Are Correct No One Ever Saw The Big Bang But With Them We Can Paint Beautiful, Breathtaking Pictures Of Everything From Human Behaviour To What The Future May Hold Profiling The Key Scientists Behind Each Theory, Second Theories Presents Each Entry In A Unique, Eye Catching Full Colour Design, With Thought Provoking Extras And Stylish Illustrations It Is Essential For Anyone Keen On Expanding Their Mind With Science S Most Thrilling Ideas

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  1. bowonwing bowonwing says:

    This book is one of the 30 Second series to buy Buy this book and enjoy On page 110 we have the Rare Earth Hypothesis, which should be read by everyone.This entry shows that it is Earth s Moon that is special, not the Earth itself Why Earth s huge moon is important too it stabilizes the axis of the Earth and stops it wobbling like a spinning top see Mars The Moon powered tidal forces inside the Earth keep it hot, and sustain the magnetic field that shields us from harmful cosmic rays The same forces drive the ocean tides, which played a role in the migration of life onto land The Moon is believed to be a chunk of Earth s crust knocked into orbit by an immense impact in the early days of the Solar System That impact also thinned the Earth s crust, making plate tectonics possible, shifting the continents to and fro, allowing life on Earth to diversify in splendid isolation.Here are two reasons the Earth is not typical It is not the Earth, but the Earth s moon.1 The Moon We would not be here if the Moon was not there.The Mars sized planet that slammed obliquely into the Earth which created the Moon could be the unique circumstance of our plant Earth It is not the Earth that is unique, but the Moon If the Moon were not there the rotation of the Earth s North Pole would vary so much over periods of about 100 s of millions of years that the relatively stable weather on the Earth would not have allowed the weather stability in deep time necessary for sentient, conscious life to emerge on Earth over billions of years Its kind of like a top that as it starts to lose it spin and it s north pole begins to oscillate wildly The Moon keeps this from happening to the Earth and this fact allowed intelligent, sentient and conscious life to emerge over a period of billions of years on planet Earth Life might have emerged on Earth if the Moon were not there, but not sentient, conscious life.2 Earth s iron core Also due to the Mars sized impact that created the Moon, the Earth has 1 1 4 to 1 1 3 the normal iron core for a planet this size Part of the iron core of the Mars size planet joined Earth s iron core after the impact This increases the magnetic bow wave shield that protects the Earth from the harmful rays of the sun This may have facilitated the development of life on Earth and allowed the formation of sentient, conscious life on Earth over a period of billions of years.So the unique thing about the Earth is not the Earth, but Earth s Moon.

  2. Benito Cellini Benito Cellini says:

    We all hear about scientific theories but who has the time to figure out what they mean You do Each one takes 30 seconds, of less Concepts you never thought you d grasp I m just an economist are suddenly quite clear not clear enough to get an A on a science test, but clear enough to make you amazed Paul Parsons should get some award for this very slim opus.

  3. Patrick Patrick says:

    Very simple quick facts about common theories Gives an explanation and little notes and tidbits about each They seem to build off of one another.

  4. Dr. Faye Dr. Faye says:

    It s like cheating and learning and realizing all at the same time This is an excellent teaching aid for students in the arts, humanities or even in business who need to fill in some holes in their education Obviously, it is not thorough, but it provides an overview of the most important theories of The Way of reality, which can create epiphanies It is a wonderful gift I wish I could afford to buy them out.

  5. William W. William W. says:

    It is very comprehensive