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I must say that on the whole this has been an excellent buy One cannot say that much about a verb book but this is good value for money and extremely comprehensive It is also very nicely laid out and the print and font are easy on the eye The introduction gives a nice overview of basic grammar too though I would recommend a seperate book for that such as the excellent Collins Easy Learning Grammar One very silly fault though is for all the comprehensiveness, one very important verb ricordare or to remember is nowhere to be found in this, either in the main content of the book or in the glossary of verbs at the end I have no idea how that slipped though the net. Here is a fine quick reference source for language students, teachers, and translators Themost commonly used Italian verbs are listed in table form, one verb per page, and conjugated in all tenses, identified by English infinitive forms Verbs are both regular and irregular, and are presented alphabetically for easy reference Added material related to verbs and verb usage is also presented, including lists of hundreds regular verbs, idiomatic verb usage, and I think this is a very comprehensive book on verbs and their tenses in every common form Its well laid out and easy to navigate Perhaps there might have been examples of how thesse tenses areused, but on the other hand that sort of topic is discussed and detailed in many other Italian Language books So in summary, it does exactly what it says it will do, and does it very well Personally I connot imagine a bigger book on this topic which would be formayptted like this 501 verbs is a mighty lt of verbs to get through however if you want this formay lite there are 55 very common verbs highlighted So I think this book covers everything it sets out to do. This has a comprehensive list of verbs in various tenses which is great But personally, I need explanation about the differences between the past tenses and when they should be used This review is of the Kindle version of the book It s an excellent source of information about the commonest Italian verbs, with full conjugation of all tenses and moods, with excellent examples of usage.However, the Kindle version isn t easily searchable For example, searching for fare gives a list of all the places where fare is mentioned, which is a lot, and the first item is never the verb table, which is what you might expect.Given this complaint, it s well worth the money. I ve always had these 501 verb books , years back learning Spanish now with Italian.which is funny, because everything here is available free on line now I guess having the object is still quite nice even though it stays at home as it s too bulky to carry around anyway you can check any verb on your smart phone in a second Kind of old fashioned but nice they give you a CD but I ve no idea why I bought the same edition in Spanish a few years ago and found it incredibly useful, so I bought the Italian version for my granddaughter when she was struggling with the verbs The book is brilliant and very easy to use, provided you read the instructions And the best advice I can give you comes from my Spanish tutor if you want to get the most out of the book, you have to open it He was right A good reference book with a pretty comprehensive list of verbs Certainly appears it have all the most common verbs as far as I can tell Comes with a CD which I never got around to trying out Learning Italian is all about getting to grips with the verbs so this a good book to have to hand as a reference guide Italian Verb Drills by Paola Nanni Tate Italian Verb Drills, Third Edition Drills Series provides an excellent introduction to the rules of formation of Italian verbs in all the various tenses and would certainly be a useful book for the beginner. 1 .