{books pdf} 59 Lessons: Working with the World's Greatest Coaches, Athletes, & Special ForcesAutor Dr Fergus Connolly – Bilb-weil.de

In Lessons Fergus Connolly Reveals The Secrets Learned First Hand From Working With The Worlds Greatest WinnersLearn How The Most Successful Coaches, Athletes And Special Forces Lead, Manage And Win In The Most Demanding Environments Find Out How The Best Teams Create Winning Cultures Understand What The Most Elite Military Units Look For In Their Operators Learn What Makes Great Players Truly Special And How The Best Organizations Use Technology And People To Create Sustainable SuccessThis Unique Insight Helps You Understand How The World S Elite Prepare And Win, From Premier League Soccer, The NFL, NBA, Olympic Champions, International Rugby And Worlds Most Secret Special Forces

6 thoughts on “59 Lessons: Working with the World's Greatest Coaches, Athletes, & Special Forces

  1. Performance Coach Performance Coach says:

    lots of very good lessons, lots of insights and great ideas The only thing that bothered me halfway trough the book a little less about the author and of humility that he preaches would serve the book a great purpose Apart from that it s a must read for all coaches and scholars who want to grasp the elite performance business.

  2. Scott Iardella, MPT, CSCS, CISSN Scott Iardella, MPT, CSCS, CISSN says:

    I absolutely love this book Fergus Connolly is not only a great writer, but exceptional at sharing the valuable life and sport lessons he s learned throughout the years Dr Connolly has been exposed to many of the top coaches and athletes in the world and in this book, he shares 59 lessons from world class performers that can make a difference.While the content is excellent for coaches and athletes, these lessons can certainly be applied to the game of life, with lessons in leadership, people skills, innovation, teamwork and all of which are important beyond sports.Not only are the lessons brilliantly told by stories and examples, there are practical applications to conclude each chapter to drive home the points.For me, this book is part philosophy and part a guidebook for winning I read the entire book in just a few days and I view this as a book that I ll consistently revisit to remind and reinforce the lessons I was already a huge fan of Dr Connolly with his innovative and ground breaking book Game Changer and now 59 lessons comes along to build to his amazing body of work While completely different from Game Changer, it s equally as valuable.Once again, we can learn a lot from the world s best athletes, coaches, and leaders You ll find countless insights and takeaways in this book just a few examples of some of my favorite chapters You Only Compete Against Yourself, The 9 Most Used Words In Sports, Burn The Boats, The Final Lesson, and so to be honest Fantastic resource for all and I highly recommend it

  3. jack outlar jack outlar says:

    way too much name dropping of famous coaches, points were very clich

  4. Xavier Xavier says:

    With short simple chapters, I found it easy and convenient to read GREAT, simple, and effective lessons you can utilize ASAP Great to read before bed or right before you start the day

  5. Sean Lewis Sean Lewis says:

    This book does an amazing job of taking very complex idea and making them simple and easy to follow If you are in any kind of leadership role you should read this book.

  6. ncob ncob says:

    Good info