[[ epub pdf ]] A Concise Dictionary of Middle Egyptian (Griffith Institute Publications)Author R. O. Faulkner – Bilb-weil.de

E un dizionario che l argomento stesso rende un po complicato consultare Anche la scrittura non aiuta neppure chi conosce bene l inglese Non attraente per chi ha i primi contatti con i geroglifici egizi L ho restituito. This bedazzling lexicon of universal wonders will for fill your hieroglyphical appetite to its max it is printed in original note form with transliteration and translation of the hieroglyphs i ve really have only just started studying the language and i have to say the book is a must have for anyone who is a beginner or expert in the language it do ancient greek and latin aswell but out of all the three ancient languages i do this dictionary has to be the most exciting it has over 5400 words or something like that and i think it fully equips you for large text translations i can t wait to go and try it out in the british museum in fact don t even bother reading the review just bye the book Short and sweet review.Hard book to get hold of offline.I have used this book previously as reference, but have since bought it.It is a valuable tool in any Egyptian language studies, and independantly makes for interesting reading.The only down side to the book, is its handwritten font,and the inability to look up certain words via their English Translations.If you can overlook these issues, it s a must have. A must for anyone seriously learning hieroglyphs I found this dictionary very useful both in terms of words found and phrases and expressions reported There s a little inconvenience in finding the hieroglyphs hand written but after a couple of weeks spent using the dictionary this is no serious problem On the other hand I found it quite useful an exercise to read hieroglyphs from original documents rather than from transcripts.I can recommend it to anyone who wish to translate Egyptian for himself and I guess I have to stress my state of little than a beginner when I started using it It is much than worth the few dollars spent to buy it Quick delivery and well packaged A little dissappointed that the dust jacket was missing but the book is in good condition Un buen diccionario de lengua egipcia, indispensable para cualquier estudiante de Egiptolog a La nica pega es que es manuscrito Totalmente recomendable. Ouvrage pour connaisseur ou amateur clair Tout en anglais.Ecriture en fonte manuscrite peut tre difficile interpr ter Ce livre est par contre tr s utile lors que l on tudie les hi roglyphes. I m using this book to transliterate and translate Middle Egyptian hieroglyphs to English I ve used it so much it makes crackling sounds when I open it To be absolutely perfect, it would benefit from a list of single consonants Egyptian w comes well before m , so I can index better and it would be really useful to have a hieroglyphs listing, so I don t have to carry two books around You can tell I m a novice I don t know what I would do without it. This concise dictionary of Middle Egyptian that phase of the Ancient Egyptian language which had the widest general application containscarefully selected words most likely to be encountered by students and scholars in the course of their regular work on Egyptian texts Each entry gives the most common hieroglyphic form of the word, accompanied by its transliteration, translation, references to texts where it occurs, its less usual hieroglyphic variants, and phrases in which it is used First published inand incorporating addenda from , this Concise Dictionary has become the standard work of reference and is now in its tenth printing