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One of the keys to learning the Turkish language is to understand the importance and function of the verb The stem of the verb, together with various suffixes of mode, tense, person, along with a subject and or object, may be the equivalent of an entire English sentence A Dictionary of Turkish Verbs is an aid to both the beginning and advanced student of the language by providing approximately , verbs in context as they appear in up to date colloquial Turkish phrases and sentences, or short dialogues in translation Contrasting English and Turkish ways of expression, this multipurpose dictionary also helps the English speaker avoid the most common errors with most verbs cross referenced to related verbs, synonyms, or antonyms, and to the broader themes or categories of meaning to which they belong Includes an English Turkish index and a thesaurus section using Roget s categories where verbs of related meaning appear together and a short reference list of verb forming suffixes For students at any stage of learning the Turkish language, or for the self motivated traveler, this unique dictionary will help open the door to greater understanding in an increasingly important area of the world

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    Just like its dictionaries of Syrian and Iraqi Arabic, this is another success of Georgetown University Press in this area Loaded with example sentences and extremely useful and helpful explanations and notes illustrating mainly colloquial use, without, however, neglecting the formal language, this dictionary is a MUST for anybody seriously interested in learning Turkish I m studying Turkish on my own and this book is very promising in boosting my learning and understanding of the Turkish language and culture Way to go Georgetown University Press

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    Rogets Thesaurus

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    I finished Teach Yourself Turkish before beginning this book, and worked on Turkish in Three Months while using it I learned Turkish grammar from Teach Yourself and Three Months, but my vocabulary was small, and although I knew the grammar I had no fluency with it I could decipher a complex Turkish sentence after reading a translation, but there were too many complications for me to understand without a translation I have read through this dictionary one and a half times, and I now have enough vocabulary and fluency to read a Turkish short story using a dictionary of course There are about one thousand verbs with multiple sentences illustrating each meaning of and idiom using the verb Both idiomatic and literal translations are given The sentences are interesting and teach Turkish culture as well as language Explanations of Turkish usage are very clear.By the way, for a regular dictionary, I prefer Google Translate on my iPad, which has a Turkish keyboard, to a paper dictionary Google is poor on grammar but has a large vocabulary and many idioms Google also will speak Turkish, and its pronunciation seems to me pretty good, although to get the pronunciation of a Turkish word, you have to get it to use that word in a translation from English.For Turkish listening comprehension I used the audio for Teach Yourself and Three Months and also spent a lot of time with the games of an excellent DVD, Euro Talk Interactive World Talk Turkish I also went through the three levels of Rosetta Stone which was probably helpful And I have gone to Turkey for two two week trips.

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    Oh my god where do I start This book is a gem It is very comprehensive and detailed It has an English Turkish dictionary of verbs and the Turkish verbs are classified according to themes For a book on just verbs alone, I m impressed with this one This book is simply one of those books that you know you will keep reaching for time and time again I m still a beginner in Turkish but this book makes me feel confident that I m on my way to mastering the language.

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    I was prepared to be under whelmed by this book since so many books on language disappointed me in the past Beyond minor adjustments in the style lots of white space, maybe use a larger font for the heading of each entry I can t think of anything beyond adding a second volume that could improve this book I am pretty sure that I will be finding this an invaluable resource as I slowly work my way to becoming proficient in the Turkish language.Oh, if you don t normally look at the dimensions of a book before you order it does anyone you might want to note that this is a pretty hefty sized book.

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    I just received this dictionary and I am very pleased with it Ralph Jaeckel and Gulnur Erciyes are saints for putting together such a useful, comprehensive, and meticulously compiled dictionary.I have been studying Turkish for the last couple of years and feel like this book is the perfect tool to help push towards fluency As the authors say in the introduction, understanding the verb is essential to learning Turkish, as one verb often contains as much meaning as an entire English sentence.Part of what makes this dictionary so useful are all the example sentences for each entry, allowing the student to see how these words are used in context This factor alone makes this book far superior to a standard English Turkish dictionary when it comes to verbs, although one of those is necessary too I also appreciate how many of the example sentences are things a beginning speaker of Turkish would need want to say There is also a big emphasis on colloquial speech, proverbs, and niceties, things Turkish is filled with.I m grateful for the painstaking work it must have taken to put this book together and I know that I ll be referring to it constantly as my Turkish improves By the way, I ve always been confused about whether to use iyilesmek or gelismek to describe the improving of one s language skills, and now, thanks to this dictionary and its abundance of useful examples, I know that it is this gelismek Turkcem surekli gelisiyor

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    I can only add my iki kurus 2 cents to the previous reviews I have been a student of Turkish for many years and my library includes the classics from Geoffrey Lewis and the newer soon to be classics from Oztopcu and Kerslake but A Dictionary of Turkish Verbs is always open on my desktop If you are a serious student of Turkish, this book is a must have, along with Lewis and Kerslake.