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Beginning With His Early Experience And His Discovery Of The Actor S Central Problem Achieving Consistency, Of Inspiration Strasbery Analyzes The Work Of Constantin Stanislavsky, Showing How He And Others Added To That Work To Develop The Acting System Known As The Method

5 thoughts on “A Dream of Passion

  1. Jackson Bailey Jackson Bailey says:

    A good book for a better understanding of Strasberg s Method, but it by no means is a how to instructive guide It s best when used in conjunction with a reputable Method class such as from the likes of Strasberg s protege, David Gideon in NYC At times, the book is a real slog as the writing is dusty dry.

  2. Rachel Price Rachel Price says:


  3. John Mathews John Mathews says:

    I was studying with Lee when he wrote this book He new an actors training came not from a book,but from doing the work he so carefully describes in A Dream of Passion His words are precis yet open to the inspiration of art Use this book as an excellent foundation find your guides who know it better than you and continue this process we call the work A must read for actors attempting to reach the highest levels John Mathews

  4. Earl V. Belcher Earl V. Belcher says:

    Every Actor should read

  5. pathydeca pathydeca says:

    We have been told to never judge a book by it s cover, this saying goes true with A Dream of Passion as well I was told to read this book by many aspiring and already successful actors alike, and on the outside the book doesn t seem like much at all But on the inside it s a completely different story Highly recommended read, my thanks to the shipper who got my copy to me in an instant and in amazing condition