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Kilfara describes in charming detail the characters of St Andrew s and his loony love of golf comes through in rich portraits of the golf courses of Scotland A great read for anyone going to Scotland to seek out the home of golf. This is an approach to golf books that I would really like to see of The author has a very keen perception and attention to detail when it comes to describing the best that Scottish golf has to offer, but so have many others that have come before him The wonderful part about this book is that Kilfara also opens up a part of his soul so that the reader can try to relate to or understand him as a person while he describes this journey Many times have I read a book about sports and wondered about personal details of the author that determine his perception of what he is desacribing Kilfara lets us in to a part of his psyche and should be roundly applauded for it Anyone that did not enjoy this book I believe does not like, understand or appreciate golf or is plainly jealous of the wonderful courses the author has been able to play. This is a must read for anyone planning a golfing holiday in Scotland The author, who is extremely sympathetic, writes well, with a refreshing mix of charm and honesty.He played an incredible number of courses al over Scotland and describes them in detail with the knowledge of a student of course architecture.He was constantly short of funds during his year in Scotland, and his efforts to save money lend a very personal and, at times, comic touch All this plus a happy ending Highly recommended. This was one of the only golf books that I read so far this year When I read about golf, I try to balance my reading on books on instruction with books about peoples s lives at it relates to golf I read most of this book, thinking that the premise was decent, and the appearance of the book was quite new I read it in March 2002 I have probably read 25 to 30 golf related books and this is one of the worst I feel there is no depth to the stories about the book I feel like it s just some person who is trying to make a quick buck It really left me dissatisfied. In This Funny, Perceptive Memoir, Golf Digest Writer And ESPN Commentator Darren Kilfara Lives The Dream Of Many American Golf Enthusiasts While A Student At Harvard, Kilfara Convinces The School That He Needs A Year Of Study In Scotland Once There, He Purchases A Student Pass To The Courses Of St Andrews For A Mere Taking Full Advantage, Kilfara Plays The Most Legendary Courses In The World And Gains An Entirely New Perspective On Life