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Oh my, what a read from Betti Rosewood This book is one of her best works in my opinion, it is dark and delicious, and possibly hard to read at times but so worth it Pandora wants to find her footing in this dark and crazy world that she has arrived in, while trying to follow the proper rules for everything And Dex is the leader that has one crazy mind We were left with a bit of a shocking ending so I cannot wait for the next book Just be ready for one wild and crazy read Wow what did I just read Talk about a bully of bully romance books Pandora who always thought her parents were her parents ends up not being the case After her birth parents send her to boarding school for 4 years they deem that she is worthy to move to their house When she moves in she also has a fianc she s never met and has to replace a ghost This book is crazy Dex and his friends tortures Pandora and all Pandora wants is to go back to the family she knows and loves This book is full of secrets and drama and I cannot wait to find out what happens next. This book starts off big And I mean HUGE Like a whole, What the f just happened Kind of huge It never stops Never You never know who the good guy, or bad guy is, in this book As soon as you think one way, it goes another.Dexter, oh my Gods, Dex Really, I m not even sure what to say about him One second I hate the guy, the next, I want to be Pandora Even though her life is utter he at times But really, freaking Dexter Booth, no matter how big of an a he is at times And he can be a massive d As well as have one Pandora, I love this girl, I do, but sometimes I just can t with her Girl needs to learn how to pick her battles Keep in mind it s not just Dex she going against at times, but her father, Caspian, Julian and Lai as well Pick your battles my girl Because as much as they may not see eye to eye at times these guys, and Dex, have something in common Dexter Booth isn t the kind of boy who gets bored of his toys He s the kind of monster who breaks them on purpose Pandora This is an all new world for Pandora, and it s one she s not liking very much As for Dex, he s not sure himself he likes the outsider too much, but has lost too much already to let her say what goes This book is so very wicked, and so very good Massive way to kick off a new series Last, remember this is a dark book, so you may not like everything in it Just saying, that s the way it goes. Pandora Lily Anna has come home to Eden Falls A strange little town full of the elite and their strange rules She hates it, but she also craves the twisted games she finds herself playing She especially hates her fiance, Dexter He plays with her cruelly and calls her toy She wants to resist but her body does not cooperate Pandora has been thrown into this snakepit and now she has to fight for her survival in the lap of luxury A family who seem to hate her A society of people who don t seem to blink an eye at depravity in plain sight People who smile with friendliness as they drive a knife in your back And the fiance she is unwillingly drawn to and his cruel pack of followers And what mystery is Dexter hiding I can t wait for the next book Betti gave us all the dark depravity and ended on a cliffie The torture is painfully good I received a review copy I am voluntarily leaving an honest review. Pandora has just returned home after four years away at finishing school She s not exactly happy to see her family It s all about appearances with them, while all their dirty secrets are kept behind closed doors.She is now living in Lily Anna s shadow She even has to marry the dead girl s ex boyfriend.Pandora just wants to get back to her old life Her fiance Dexter and her father, just seem to want to torture her She is good for one thinga marriage to strengthen ties with a first born and to produce an heir.She s not going to just bow to their demands This girl isn t going to comply without fighting them every step of the way.So many secrets There is so much going on than we know Everyone is plotting This story is totally twisted and will appeal to your depraved side It s going to get pretty dirty And that ending.I want Usually, I rate three kinds of books ARCs, good books and books that are disasters Welcome, dear readers, to the latter I haven t read so baddly written book in ages all other one star ratings are going to the second place on the worst books i have finished list I hated Pretty Venom, then few other books as well, but even the cheapest m nage books were not so bad as this one I do not know where I was when I did not check that this author wrote the rubbish book The Boys that Tease But with this one she killed me for sure I lost few hours of my life for nothing, not even the plot was interesting or heroine strong willed and fierce Nooo she fell for Dexter without an ounce of believability of such possibility I ve read some dark bully books not the darkest of all times, but still dark ones This is definitely dark, but without passion, believability, strong MCs actually, the book is too expensive for its worth There is no chemistry between the MCs, no love lost, nothing..even the plot felt like put together from various short stories without connecting links The blind spots and gaps were unbearable.I feel sorry for myself and any other reader who will be crazy enough to buy it. I am going to try and review without giving spoilers lol I felt so bad for Pandora and how everyone treated her She didn t ask for that life yet she was treated like an outcast She was also not treated as an equal with the Firstborns What those boys did to her made me so angry I felt so bad for her and wished for someone to stand up for her or for her to be able to fight harder But seems the harder she fought the she got punished An interesting secret was revealed about Dexter and I wonder if anyone will ever find out Of course the ending leaves us with one doozy of a cliff hanger I was so enthralled and intrigued with this book I can t wait until the next book to find out what happens. I Received this ARC Via BookSprout for and Honest Review.I Give this books 3.5 5, Listing as 3.Dark 3.5 5Heat 3.5 5Suspense 5 5Drama 5 5Romance 0 5, It s Book One After All.I NEED to know what s going to happen next The reason I listed this a is mainly due to the fact that beside the bullying from family and other People, and the erotic torture scenes, I m not getting much plot, it just seems a little overdramatized in the beginning and then then the content seems to repeat but from different people.I d like to know why the secret with Dexter and who is Minnie Really I will be reading Vol.2Looking forward to reading from this Author.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. This was a good start This book is dark, delicious dark and sexy with lots of WTF moments I love Dexters and Pandoras chemistry Looking forward to the next book, November can t come soon enough It was really well written and definately a page turner I am very intrigued for the next installment and can definately recommend it. If you can t beat the rich boysF ck themLily Anna Oakes and I share everythingWe have the same billion dollar name, the same designer clothes, and the same messed up problemsBut Lily Anna and I will never meet She died years ago This town broke her Ill burn it to the ground before I let that happen to meIn Eden Falls, Im forced to attend a school for the elite The Firstborns own this place and they think they own me, too Its not long before Dexter, Caspian, Lai, and Julian become the bane of my existence There are only two people Im afraid of my strict father, and my malevolent fianc Unfortunately for me, my husband to be is one of the Firstborns ruining my lifeDexter Booth and I will marry on my birthday to secure our families bond Every woman in this damn town wants to be Dexters toy Except meDex and his Eden Falls Prep cronies have forced me to give up my body I know my betrothed wants my mind nextI play along But soon, Ill leave the beautiful jerk behind without the thing he wants most from meHis heir A HURT SO SWEET Volume One is the first book in a series of full length novels following Pandora Oakes and Dexter Booth This book ends in a cliffhanger and has dark themes throughout