{Read Audible} A Practical Guide to Stage LightingAuthor Steven Louis Shelley – Bilb-weil.de

Combining Theory And Application, A Practical Guide To Stage Lighting Provides A Comprehensive Analysis Of Lighting Systems Along With Examples And Illustrations Of The Technical Tools And Methods Used In The Industry An Entertaining And Educational Read, Author Steven Louis Shelley Draws From His Years Of Diverse Experience To Explain How To Get The Job Done Along With Real Life Examples Of Projects From Start To Finish Learn Why Some Techniques Are Successful While Others Fail With Shelley S Notes And Shelley S Soapbox, All With A Humor That Guides You Through Complex Problems And Concepts Highlights Include Over New Topics, Including Analysis And Application Of The Three Categories Of Collaboration A Detailed Examination Of Production Meetings And One On One Meetings And Meeting Checklists With Management And The Creative Team Over New Illustrations, Including Shelley S Periodic Table Of Fundamental Lighting Systems Groundplans, Sections, And Front Elevations That Illustrate Basic System Wash Configurations For Each Direction Of Light Analysis, Calculation, And Step By Step Technical Construction Of Each Lighting System In The Hokey Light Plot Explanation Of A Manufacturer S Cut Sheet, And How To Apply Basic Formulas To Determine The Beam Size, Footcandles, And Gel Transmission For Lighting Instruments Updated Process Of Pre Programming Computer Lighting Consoles Prior To The Load In Comprehensive Overview Of Archiving Paperwork And Softcopy For A Production Students And Professionals Will Benefit From Experience Based Tips And Techniques To Prepare And Execute A Lighting Design, Along With Learning How To Avoid Common Traps

6 thoughts on “A Practical Guide to Stage Lighting

  1. Breixo Breixo says:

    La maquetacion es un poco caotica pero el contenido esta muy bien

  2. the kat the kat says:

    covers all the basic principles of lighting design, and contributed immensely to my latest design, a huge jump in effectiveness, from my previous designs, both artistically and practically i feel like i can eventually enter a theatrical tech program with relative confidence and ease money permitting, le sigh with the practical experience that this book provides.

  3. JSE JSE says:

    A very complete and well organized guide to contemporary stage lighting practices Lots of forms and particulars for both experienced and less experienced members of the craft.

  4. JJ JJ says:

    This is a beautiful book on stage lighting It d clear, concise, and at least for me showed a systematic way to light for the stage.I learned a lot from it, and learned somethings that I knew but didn t know why.

  5. bpojito105 bpojito105 says:

    If you are learning lighting design, then you need this book It s a no nonsense and very detailed how to I use it as a handbook than anything else.

  6. academics20193.se Customer academics20193.se Customer says:

    I bought this book as a Christmas gift for my son who started college this year for lighting tech designer Very informative and interesting book Like the pictures.