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Thissimple And Essential Book About The Craft Of Acting Describes A Technique Developed And Refined By The Authors, All Of Them Young Actors, In Their Work With Pulitzer Prize Winning Playwright David Mamet, Actor W H Macy, And Director Gregory Mosher A Practical Handbook For The Actor Is Written For Any Actor Who Has Ever Experienced The Frustrations Of Acting Classes That Lacked Clarity And Objectivity, And That Failed To Provide A Dependable Set Of Tools An Actor S Job, The Authors State, Is To Find A Way To Live Truthfully Under The Imaginary Circumstances Of The Play The Ways In Which An Actor Can Attain That Truth Form The Substance Of This Eloquent Book I read lots of books about acting but none of them was concise, up to the point and real summary This book byitself is enough to give you all the information about the acting It explains a great technique which really helps a lot on the stage It also explains how to apply this technique in different conditions, with different directors, actors, methods It has also troubleshooting page for many different use cases scenarios It should be really under the pillow book for anyone who is into acting As a university student of Fine Arts, this book was assigned to me by my acting professor As soon as I began working from it, this book went from a textbook, to Staple of my collection almost instantly I went from a supporting actor that few audience members remembered, to the president and director of our student theatre organization, and this book, in large part, is to thank for that It walks you through explanations of acting terms and devices that are easy for anyone to understand, and well as some history of the development of acting and theatre It s a very easy, yet comprehensive read that is guaranteed to boost your performances to new heights I would very highly recommend this book to both aspiring and professional actors alike This book has something valuable to teach anyone who is willing to read it. I truly enjoyed this beauty, it packs a lot of tips, wisdom, advice, etc within an seemingly small text Of course, you should also pay close attention to your other resources i.e your instincts, prior training but this is great if you can t get to certain resources, or pay for this, whatever As many other reviewers has mentioned this book does break down constant techniques and turn them from complicated to understandable I m relatively new to the acting realm mainly because I m just now getting back into auditions, monologues and what accompanies that I m of the jack of all trades kind of girl, because I love to write, create music, sing, produce, direct, and of course acting, but through it all when I wasn t getting any auditions, blah, blah I ended up just sliding away from acting, but still having that same love for it I needed something else quick, that I could afford and could keep with me on regular while learning than what I originally knew with having some sensible tips on issue I was suffering on This book was it, I suggest you read it, because it ll definitely come in high regard.