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Sometimes the friend youve always needed is the sister youve always hadThroughout the years, sisters Gracie and Juliette Bennett have let lifes changes pull them in opposite directions But when their beloved grandmother Mimi passes away, theyre drawn back together in the most unexpected way Set to inherit the family home, a charming Craftsman with an overgrown garden and lush fruit trees near the beach in Santa Barbara, the estranged sisters learn theres a catch the house can be theirs, but only if they agree to live in it for one year togetherSuddenly Gracie, a pragmatic paralegal whos always stayed close to home, and Juliette, an intrepid recent NYU grad in search of the next thrill, are living under one roof Forced to reexamine their relationship, they find themselves confronting their pasts and bonding over love, heartbreak, and deeply held secrets Soon theyll discover whether a sisters love is what they need to get them through their darkest hoursand if their grandmothers clever plan can preserve than just a piece of family history It just might preserve the friendship of a lifetimeand reveal the sisters and women they were always meant to beRevised edition This edition of A Sister s Place includes editorial revisions

15 thoughts on “A Sister's Place: A Novel (English Edition)

  1. Customer Customer says:

    I enjoyed this on Kindle and bought hard copies to give to my two daughters who are at war with one another over something silly Whether it will have the desired effect remains to be seen.

  2. Angela Nobes Angela Nobes says:

    I thought the outline of the novel sounded an interesting read I skimmed 80% as it was repetitive the storyline failed to deliver too Disappointing.

  3. marinemom1020 marinemom1020 says:

    2 wildly different sisters bond while living for the required year in the house left to them upon the death of their grandmother.

  4. KymH KymH says:

    Two sisters are set a challenge in their beloved grandmother s will Live together for 1 year and the house will be theirs It s a little schmaltzy in parts for me but still enjoyable and yes, I may have shed a tear or two.

  5. Roubear Roubear says:

    A slow gentle story about love, loss and finding the one who always has your back, your sister Slow paced but good

  6. Gillian Oyston Gillian Oyston says:

    Have loved reading this book it made me smile and cry seeing what would happen to the sisters and see if they would stay friends or grow apart very well written

  7. Diane Smith Diane Smith says:

    Would recommend this book, an easy to read story, not one of her best stories but would still read

  8. JEF JEF says:

    Rather repetitive and fairly predictable, however a good page turner.

  9. Patricia Hunter Patricia Hunter says:

    a jolly good read

  10. Customer Customer says:

    Haven t finished reading it



  12. Anne R Anne R says:

    I will not spoil the plot in this review The story is a clever construction and I enjoyed many insights into the reality of sisterhood The book was spoilt for me by the self centred ending the book would have been so much stronger and real if Savannah Page had created a central character who was able to consider the moral needs of those who had wronged her, and the future identity and belonging needs of one who did not yet have a voice.


    If you ve got a sister, through birth or through choice, you ll love this It captures that process of renewal we ve all been through, from kids, to teenager and then to what sisterhood can be as adults who still don t really have a handle on life Beautifully written and wise Appreciative of the small things Brilliant.

  14. Heather Duggan Heather Duggan says:

    Lovely family story making you realise the importance of siblings In our lives Will read of this author.

  15. maree maree says:

    Casual reading