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My son found this book at the library Not only could he not put it down, everyone else in the house ended up taking a turn It s amazing how the first pages start off with a camp near a river and you see through time how each error progresses It has call outs for details on each page This would be great for a history class as well Personally, even as the Mom I found it fascinating Needless to say, we returned the library book and bought our own copy. This is the sort of book you can pick up and pore over repeatedly My son got this book out of the library so many times that I just bought it It s a great way to think about history and conveys some singularly profound ideas history doesn t proceed directionally people s fortunes, health, and conditions ebb and flow over time, and people were interested in the past even in the past Each two page illustration shows another chapter in European history for a single street, from the Neolithic to modern times There are all sorts of little Easter eggs in the illustrations, like treasure being hidden, then rediscovered a few pages historical jumps later, and a time traveler observing from the fringes in each picture If you have the kid of kid who studied the details of Richard Scarry as a child or loves history, than this is a great gift An adult can learn from it too. I bought this as well as A City Through Time as an introduction to the idea of time and history for my 4 year old So far, she loves looking at the pictures and it does seem to be helping with the concept of time passing and history This is a picture book, but there are little notes about the specific time period for that page in the margins that older kids may find interesting ie, what a typical woman s dress may look like in a certain era, or a tidbit about a musical instrument used in that period, etc From the moment my son read that Henry Hyde, the time traveling museum worker, would show up in each time period, he was hooked on this book It kept him immersed on three car rides, each time poring over the book for 40 or so minutes I was glad to see the interest of the Where s Waldo game yielded to a general interest in the fate of this area over millennia I only wish there were one or two time periods between the late 1800s and now. Revised And Updated For A New Generation In A Series Of Fourteen Intriguing Illustrations, The Award Winning A Street Through Time Tells The Story Of Human History By Exploring A Street As It Evolves From , BCE To The Present Day Watch The Landscape And Daily Lives Of The Street S Inhabitants Change, As The Small Settlement Grows Into A City, Is Struck By War And Plague, And Gains Trade And Industry Throughout, Children Are Asked To Study The Photos In Order To Find A Time Traveler In Each Scene, As Well As To Pick Out Interesting Details, Encouraging Them To Pore Over The Unique Illustrations And Easily Learn About The Historical Background