download Audiobooks Above All Else: A World Champion Skydiver's Story of Survival and What It Taught Him About Fear, Adversity, and Success By Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld –

Amazing read for anyone, skydivers or not Read this book a few times now, Dan BC is an incredible man with an unbelievable story, highly recommend World Famous Competitive Skydiver And Coach Dan Brodsky Chenfeld Presents Proven Tools And Techniques For Success And Explains How They Can Be Used In Everyday Life Dan Survived A Plane Crash From Which Of The People On Board Were Killed He Was Left Critically Injured And Woke Up From A Six Week Long Coma With A Broken Neck, Broken Skull, Severe Head Trauma, A Collapsed Lung, And Other Serious Internal Injuries Against All Odds, Dan Recovered And Went On To Become One Of The Greatest Competitive Skydiver In The World With The Love And Support Of Friends And Family, Dan Was Able Not Only To Resurrect His Life But Return To Skydiving To Achieve Greater Heights Than He Could Have Ever Imagined His Techniques And Methods For Excelling Are Applicable To All People, No Matter Their Goals Dan Uses His Experiences To Teach The Lessons He S Learned As A Competitor, Coach, Business Owner, Father, And Husband To Help Others Achieve Their Dreams, Overcome Obstacles, And Reach Their Peak Performance So there are quite a few books out there which inspire you to move forward and throw the first punch however this book I have found is written with sincerity because it is what Dan has endured, believed, strived and achieved.I had the greatest of pleasure meeting Dan when I went to California on a team training camp with the 4 way skydiving team 4mula Before this I made the usual excuses if something went wrong it was always my fault and I was limited to what I could do became blinkered as it were The two weeks I was working around Dan made me a better person and I saw that what he had written in his book and discussing those experiences with him personally made me realise I am not limited and I can apply what I have read to all aspects of my life if I choose.This book is not about skydiving its about life and its about how we choose to spend our time Time is the most precious commodity that we have but we take it for granted that we will never run out of it The most successful people in life understand that it s not forever and to make the most of each day, each moment and within those moments make it happen This is Dan BC The book is two sections Firstly Dan s story, secondly a much shorter section which is along the lines of a management self help book.The story is gripping Dan tells his story in a simple unassuming style but the events are quite extraordinary When they make the movie, they ll struggle to make it seem credible.It kept me up to 3am turning the pages, wanting to know what happened next.The second section is of a manual, it has some great insights into how to set yourself up for success, and how to help your team to help you.Many thanks to Dan for sharing this. A fantastic story of triumph, motivation and the ways to succeed I thoroughly enjoyed the first half of the book Dan s story The second half of the book has become a guide to life and the go to place for some extra help when attempting to achieve a goal Loved it, would definitely recommend it sportsperson or not this book will encourage your dreams, ambition and highly increase your chances to succeeding, should you follow the advice. What a book What a Story Dan BC is a legend and this book is a reference for how life should be lived I am so glad I found this book and will recommend it highly to anyone and everyone. Heavy going Fantastic, motivating book A brilliant story from someone who has been through a lot inspiring.