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A World Class Athlete S Harrowing Tale Of Two Passions His Ardent Love For Gymnastics And His Intoxicating Romance With Heroin Gritty And Raw, This Is A Story That Goes Beyond The Typical Addiction Memoir A Gripping Narrative That Captures The Fragility And Tenacity Of The Human Spirit And How Putignano Ultimately Triumphs In His Recovery And Redemption Author Is A World Class Athlete Who Has Just Completed A Tour With Cirque Du Soleil Totem He Played The Main Character Crystal Man Inspirational Story With Universal Appeal Has Already Been Featured On CNN S Sanjay Gupta S Human Factor CNN Will Produce Two To Three Videos Following The Author As He Undergoes Surgery On Both Of His Shoulders Endorsement From Robert Lepage, Creator And Director Of Cirque Du Soleil S Ka And Totem Joe Has Been Featured In A Mini Documentary Created By Cirque Du Soleil N Interesting Approach For Table Of Contents Using The Human Anatomy As A Way To Begin Each Chapter

4 thoughts on “Accrobaddict: A Contortionist's Heroin Romance

  1. The Belgo The Belgo says:

    Having originally been physically attracted to the author, when I found out he d written a book about being a heroin addict, I had to find out how a man with such beauty and talent and intelligence, if he wrote this book could end up being a heroin addict This book got me to understand the how but not the why Yes, his family was on the dysfunctional side, with separated parents, and yes, he was somewhat bullied at school for being gay But if he was suffering from any severe hardship and pain , above and beyond what most people face, that certainly wasn t communicated to me He just seemed to do whatever he felt like doing whatever felt best at the moment There didn t seem to be any moral compass whatsoever, and he never showed any empathy or regard about how his behavior affected himself or those around them He lied and stole from friends, family,, lovers, pharmacists, whomever else he came into contact with He drove cars in states of severe intoxication, smashing into cars not stopping, of course , slugged a cop, went into cardiac arrest twice, became incarcerated and homeless Each time I though Surely now he can see what he s doing is wrong, but he never seemed to get the message There is little about recovery or the message for recovery in the book He even says in the 3rd to last page I don t have a problem with others using drugs, as they can achieve the very aspects I m speaking of transformation, escape, and euphoria And then in the 2nd to last page, he states the main reason he stays sober isn t because it hurts himself and others is dangerous, but rather because he feels better sober I would expect a reptile or invertebrate to do whatever feels better for the moment, but I would hope that a human being can have some sense of consequences for behavior, as well as a sense of long term goals In the end, it s obvious Mr Putignano has no empathy for the feelings for anyone but himself, so I ended up not having much empathy for him, either I m thankful most people have values which guide their behavior.

  2. J. P. Reynolds J. P. Reynolds says:

    I read this memoir in the span of two days which says something of its power This isn t an easy book to read, though He really does take us on a tour of what his hell looked and felt like I felt exhausted by the time I reached the final page That he had both the discipline and skill to write this memoir speaks eloquently to his character as a man.And, yet, I find myself wanting because I have so many questions about how he found redemption and stayed the course of recovery He speaks of the fear and self hatred that became his enveloping demons and I wanted him to delve beneath skin and bones and explore in nuance what those fears felt like All through the journey, he met people who fell in love with him and believed in him and we re willing to suffer with and for him But, I want to know why they were willing to do this who is this Joe that they loved In some respects, he does such a fine job of conveying what deformed his soul that I don t always glean how his innate goodness managed to spark even in darkness I think I wanted the narrative of his journey into self destruction to be tighter and of his journey into recovery expansive I was most moved in those sections where he reflects on what essentially is the sacred dimensions of his journey to becoming the man he was meant to be I wanted even of those insights as they give his story its unique resonance.What I want, though, does not take away from what he gave us a heroic story that sets before us the mystery of the human will and heart.I look forward to his next book there s got to be a next book

  3. Melissa Melissa says:

    Joe pours his heart out in this entire book Opens up about his entire life All the stages, from a boy aiming for world acclaim and greatness, the confused angry teenager, the lost young adult, and finally the person he became All the ups and downs and the intense hard work that took him into recovery and one of the most admired stages in the circus world.Not just people with additions should read this This is for everyone, as it provides an in depth insight into an addicts mind, to understand the hows and whys.Purely inspirational.

  4. Zak Awry Zak Awry says:

    I couldn t put the book down, I bought it for the kindle and 25% of the way in I was already crying I wanted to hug Joe and tell him don t worry I know this is all gonna work out in the end You re young you need help Its fine.Of course I couldn t hold the author and his former youth, but I felt like I was him I saw some similarities in my youth and his youth all the way up The author was kind of a loner in high school, didn t have a lot of friends because he was introverted, and was shy He was introduced to drugs by one of his close best friends and it all spiraled down hill from there.There were times I wanted to shake the author and just scream WHAT ARE YOU DOING WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS YOU RE HURTING THE PEOPLE WHO LOVE YOU Then I would want to sob and say I KNOW WHAT YOU RE GOING THROUGH I M SO SORRY JUST HANG IN THERE Everything from the doctor office visits, the feelings of the highs and the pain of cutting were all wonderfully detailed and left no doubt in how the author was feeling at that time I loved the writing style and the raw, brutal honesty of it all, and just found the author to be a delightful person and down to earth and very nice I of course had to email him and tell him what an amazing book he had and thank him for sharing his story.If you haven t bought it yet just jump and do it You ll love the book, at least I did I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone I remember one point in the book where Joe was in the hospital and asked the nurse after he had just OD D where the nearest homeless shelter was and she was a very cruel woman, although she never said anything hurtful the look in her eyes and her actions were louder than words I will never look at drug addicts the same way Sometimes you forget that they are someones sons, daughters, mothers, and fathers Sometimes people just need a little extra help.