[ read online Best ] Across America by Bicycle: Alice and Bobbi's Summer on WheelsAuthor Alice Honeywell – Bilb-weil.de

Biking From Oregon To Maine Is No Small Feat, Especially For Two Newly Retired Women Who Carry Everything They Need For Three Months, Powered Only By The Strength Of Their Legs And A Desire For Adventure Alice Honeywell And Bobbi Montgomery Invite Listeners To Follow Their Ride By Bicycle Across The United States, As They Face Scorching Sun, Driving Rain, Buffeting Winds, Equipment Failures, Killer Hills, Wild Fires, And Even A Plague Of Grasshoppers As Alice And Bobbi Pedal Along Their , Mile Journey, They Test And Deepen Their Friendship, Defy Their Aches And Pains, Experience The Vast And Varied Beauties Of Their Country, And Discover The Challenges And Satisfaction Of A Scaled Down Lifestyle And, They Encounter Unfailing Generosity From People They Meet From The Prayers Of A North Dakota Woman For Their Safekeeping, To The Offer Of A House In Michigan, To Invitations For Dinner And A Place To Sleep At Stops All Along The Way And There Are Incidents To Laugh Over, Too, Such As The Bewildered Woman Who Asked Them, Well, But Where Do You Pack Your Dresses Ride Along With Alice And Bobbi As They Embrace Retirement With Gusto And Live Their Dream I was looking for a book on vacationing by bicycle and this book was pretty close to what I was looking for It did a good job of giving the reader a sense of what it was like to bicycle across country I liked the authors feedback on some of the products they used If there was a shortcoming, it was that I felt the authors spent too much time describing every meal they ate and not enough time thoroughly describing the little towns they passed through on their journey. I could NOT put this book down Well written so you felt part of the entire trip If Alice and Bobbi take that north south trip I hope they write another book They encountered some quality people and even their side trips were a fun read. Who hasn t fantasized about escaping the exhausting pace of modern life, of simplifying, slowing down, being untethered, doing something completely unexpected and different, of challenging and stretching oneself even if for just a little while Having just finished reading this excellent book, I am in awe at Bobbi and Alice, two women my own age, who made this scenario a reality with a post retirement, 3 month, 3600 mile cross country bicycle trip I went right along with them in my imagination, swept up by the audacity of their adventure Equal parts travelogue, introspective journal, cycle enthusiast information, and slice of life vignettes of ordinary people along a route less traveled, this book will keep you turning the pages for I cringed at the terrifying tunnel passage in Oregon, felt the extreme 100 degree heat in Idaho, admired the Yogo sapphires in Montana, relished the camaraderie at the Tumbleweed Cafe in North Dakota, toured Dave s lakeside memorial garden to his beloved wife in Ohio, fought the eighteen wheelers for road space in New York, groaned at yet another mountain to scale in Maine, and shared their final triumphant glass of champagne at the 2 Cats Diner at the end of their journey If, like me, your extreme adventures are mostly virtual and vicarious, I highly recommend picking up this book and letting Bobbi and Alice do all the work while you enjoy a very, very good read. First, I aprreciate that some time and effort went into writing and editing this book So many books like this read like a journal instead of a book Alice and Bobby give you a great glimpse into the ride and the hazards of making endeavors like this later in life as minor ailments crop up.In general they are bright and cheerful throughout the book which is my only complaint They are often skipping the hard parts of the ride While I admire that they clearly understand why they are riding, I felt like they missed some parts that would have added to their adventure.One, very interesting part is that they also give a glimpse of the reality that while they are riding, their family life does not pause.