Africa Phrasebook (Lonely Planet Phrasebook) Prime –

Lonely Planet will sell you any old junk this phrase book is useless, locals laughed when I showed them the phrases in the book, mostly incorrect vocabulary or completely incorrect Only reason I didn t hate this book was that it served as comic relief and made for funny times picking the errors apart.Totally useless book Tons of phrases in this book in a bunch of different langauges Well what can i say Its a phrasebook and not a complete language course Some info may or may not be of use but it came in very handy when required As to whether my pronunciation did it any justice, who knows Useful book to slip in your pocket when travelling in deepest darkest Africa. enth llt fast alle g ngigen afrikanischen Sprachen, einige L nder fehlen z B Liberia und Igbo Sprache auch, sonst sehr bersichtlich und recht verst ndlich. Africa is too diverse a continent to attempt to condense into one phrase book I found the book pretty useless There wasn t enough information on any one of the languages chosen to be of much help. More than , languages are spoken on the continent of Africa This phrase book covers thekey African languages of Afrikaans, Arabic, Ethiopian Amharic, French, Hausa, Malagsy, Portuguese, Shona, Swahili, Wolof, Xhosa, Yoruba and Zulu