Afrikaans Self-taught: By the Natural Method with Phonetic Pronunciation (Thimm's System): New Edition Prime –

As soon as I pulled the book out of the package it arrived in, I noticed that Afrikanns was spelled wrong on the cover I opened up the book to a random page and immediately found another spelling mistake This book is riddled with them This book can be helpful if you are interested in the phonetics of Afrikaans or need some grammar references But for beginners, there are other great books out there. This is the new version with enlarged fonts than the original for easy reading The Thimms system teaches the correct Afrikaans pronunciation Each sound is separately represented and if followed correctly, will get you speaking Afrikaans like a true native speaker The Wallenberg edition has been republished with additional chapters on Boer history and culture and a discussion on the origins of the Afrikaans language Afrikaans self taught is a book which has over many years of usage has now become part of South Africa s heritage and many hundreds of thousands have used this book to help them learn to speak Afrikaans correctly Afrikaans self taught with phonetic pronunciation using Thimm s system has been popular since , being highly recommended from generation to generation It has been brought out in several editions over the years, which itself is a testament to its value The word classic is often used loosely This book is a classic book in the true sense and has helped many to learn Afrikaans A Review in Telegraph Online Newspaper