Kostenlos eBook Agile Product Management: Scaled Agile Scrum: Nexus & Product Owner 27 Tips to Manage Your ProductAutor Paul Vii – Bilb-weil.de

In This Class, You Will Be Given A Complete Overview Of Scrum Nexus Used To Scale Scrum Across Multiple Teams And Deliver Large Projects I Promise That This Class Will Be Nothing Short Of Informative And Mind Opening In The World Today, Especially The Business Side, It Is Very Difficult To Develop A Team To The Level That Most Of Us May Like And Still Be Able To Maintain The Team S Discipline And Structure That Will Lead To High Quality Products But With Nexus, You Can Solve These Problems Since It Is A Key Framework For Doing Exactly That, Even With Huge Teams I Am Certain That You Are Going To Get Value From This Class, As It Will Give You A Comprehensive Introduction To Nexus Scaled Scrum In Addition To That, I Will Walk You Step By Step Through The History Of Nexus, The Practices And The Principles For A Better Understanding, I Will Provide You With Lots Of Examples Throughout This Class