[[ epub ]] All About Particles (Power Japanese S.)Author Naoko Chino – Bilb-weil.de

This volume presents the most common particles, brought together and broken down into someusages, with many sample sentences The Power Japanese series presents a selection of guides to difficult or confusing aspects of the Japanese language The student can find a quick reference to particles, a guide to the myriad levels of politeness, books of idioms, vocabulary builders, emotive expressions and turns of speech all with natural examples

2 thoughts on “All About Particles (Power Japanese S.)

  1. William McKee William McKee says:

    The Japanese nightmare of learning Japanese the dreaded particle This book has good examples in Japanese kanji has furigana and English With simple explanations There are ones used by men and ones used by women, words that I didn t know were used as particles and ones that I have never come across before Also it can act as an addition to learning Japanese language structure.

  2. L. Brandon L. Brandon says:

    I chose this book because of the other positive reviews but also because myself and other classmates are having issues understanding particles in our language class.Other classmates have perused this book and have asked for copies, which I have all ordered from vendors I think it is a great book for summarizing particles and their usage.