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It's been awhile since I read these, but I loved all his transAtlantic/Pacific crossings biographical books I learnedabout him personally and admired him increasingly ever afterwards RIP Having experienced many of the types adventures described in the book, it is enjoyable to compare notes Additionally Buckley's style and erudite vocabulary are entertaining On a personal note: my copy was originally my grandfather's and he annotated it with notes and comments of things that he found interesting. WFB, renaissance man Great pacing on a subject I know nothing of, intersperced with great sidebars. Another fine and playful journey with Buckley and friends As close as I am likely going to get to ocean sailing, and a satisfying substitute Like Airborne, a paean to friendship as well. My respect for Mr Buckley, both as a sailor and as a casting director fleshing out the crew with which he sailed, is amplified my inability to stomach his diffidence and his politics is, however, undiminished My bias may keep me from enjoying any other works by the royal William F. Good readI especially like the wit and humor of William F I would have loved to dine with Buck and the boysgood wine, good food, good cigars and David Niven and the conversation would have been quite a treat This book is the next best thing to actually being on board Sail on WFB, sail on. This was really a wonderful, fun book to read It almost made me want to make an Atlantic crossingand if I had Buckley's boat and Buckley's crewperhaps we would have. Ostensibly the tale of hisvoyage across the Atlantic Ocean, Atlantic High is William F Buckley's extended meditation on the pleasures of sailing and good company Not surprisingly, as much thought seems to have gone into stocking the wine cellar as to charting out the route KonTiki, this is not, but nor is it meant to be Instead, it is an essay on appreciation, and a chance for Buckley to share his spirited point of view and exercise his unique sense of humorAfter a leisurely, asidefilled discussion of other trips, Buckley sets out with several close friends and a photographer to make his second transAtlantic crossing The first provided the basis for his popular book, Airborne When asked by People magazine why he chose to make the journey again, Buckley replies with characteristic drollness, the wedding night is never enough It is a passion for sailing that motivates Buckley and enlivens his pagesThe book ranges fluidly from observation to speculation, from humorous character sketch to wry editorial commentary It is peppered with anecdotes, including one in which Buckley, armed with a hacksaw, breaks into a boatyard to steal his own boat back from an unscrupulous repairman In another, an aide to president Reagan calls to discuss a conflict brewing in Africa, and all Buckley can think about is the weather ahead of him and his crew The real focus of Atlantic High, however, is the voyage and the crewmembers who share it From the Mujeres Islands to Fiji to Bermuda, to Sao Miguel and Gibraltar and beyond, the reader is treated to Buckley's observations of the places he visits and the people he encounters A work as hard to categorize as Buckley himself, Atlantic High offers a glimpse into the good life on the high seas I missed sailing and pulled this book to get over it Thoroughly enjoyed reading all of Buckley's sailing books I wish could have been on board.