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Oh wow This book was everything I wanted it to be I can t believe I haven t read anything by Samantha Whiskey before but I will definitely be reading the next in the series and even going back to the Seattle Sharks Langley and Axel were perfect together and I loved the chemistry but also how their friends featured too Can t wait to read stories about the whole team Samantha Whiskey does an excellent job creating hockey team dynamics and romance This book begins a new series with action taking place primarily in Sweden, Las Vegas and Charleston.What I appreciate the most is the depth of character Axel has become He s not interested in easy solutions or quick fixes His love is incredibly generous and steadfast and solid and took my breath away several times Of course he s not perfect, but he kept me cheering for his Happily Ever After Which he took great pains to work towards and accepted when given to him.Now we need a story for his little brother This is a well written flawless story which had me totally enthralled throughout and I highly recommend for all readers who love a entertaining sports romance. An excellent story that kept me gripped from the beginning I can t wait to read the rest. Apparently this is a continuation of another book but I couldn t tell you which one There is no character development because the author assumes you read her other books but why would I have necessarily when this is book 1 in a series I spent 90% of my time confused and lost because there were many references to events and people that happened before It would have been nice if the synopsis mentioned that I needed to read the other book first I finished the book not really getting a feel of who these characters are and especially why Axel was so in love withwhatever her name was If you haven t read anything else by this author don t start with this one or you will be lost too. Und wow, was f r ein Charakter Das Buch ist einfach der Hammer Lest es und habt Spa Axel I fell in love with Axel and Langley in Grinder Faith and Lukas book and am so excited that they got their own story You can feel their passion and struggles throughout the book Great captivating story that you can t put down Catch up with some of your favorite Reapers old Seattle Sharks and meet a few new players and great new kitty.Axel a big beautiful hockey playing Viking that hides a beautiful heart under all those muscles and tattoos After raising his brother and sending him to play hockey he is ready to follow his heart The NHL is calling and only one person can get him their, if she s willing to make a deal.Langley a control freak that makes her PR job with Reapers her first priority Her past has taught to control every aspect of her life He wants to love her rattle her cage a little She struggles to trust him afraid he might make her choose like her ex Will she be able to trust Axel to know what she needs Will one big decisions break them completely Hugs Kindle, falling back in a dramatic swoon Oh, I have some severe contemplation going on Having been a die hard Sharks fan for so long, I could not have imagined another team shimming its way into my heart However, I believe the Reapers have earned their place and then some with this first book Axel the Sweedish swoon fest that had my heart from the very first chapter With a brilliant cast of seasoned and new characters, the line up is an attention grabber all in its self Add in an ultra sexy, humorous, emotional turntable of a storyline along with Langley the smart, sassy give as good as she gets protagonist Then there is hockey Its a recipe for a delicious sports romance that I will know I will be reading again Absolutely stellar read The NHLs been at my door since I was But Id never leave the Swedish Hockey LeagueNot while raising my little brotherBut now hes grown and the Carolina Reapers show up with my greatest weakness Langley Pierce, their new head of PR Ive never been able to say no to herShes fierce, independent, and the sexiest woman Ive ever metShe also has a stubborn streak wider than my entire country One comment from her smart mouth about never dating again, and I propose No, really, I actually propose A six month marriage contract in exchange for signing with the ReapersI want to date this woman so badly that Im going to marry her firstIll use each day to show her how a queen should be treated Our wedding day started a countdown Im powerless to stop,And the faster the months fly, the harder I fallShes sworn shell never choose a man over her career,And I promised never to ask her toUntil Im forced to How can we move forward when we started this whole thing backwards If I cant convince her this marriage is anything but fakeThe next document we sign will crush us both Welcome to the Carolina Reapers, Samantha Whiskeys newest hockey series where the chill of the ice meets sultry southern nights I was pleasantly surprised This is the first book I have read by Samantha Whiskey and I was impressed Axel is such a great character Humble and fiercely loving of his family and team Selfless in giving of himself for the greater good Then there s Langley What can I say The complete opposite of Axel Only a very good author can bring these two together and make it work Her sad story is not a good reason to be selfless and uncaring of others ESPECIALLY your husband who has pulled out all the stops to show you and tell you how much he loves you Tragic Anyway like I said Samantha makes it work and there s a HEA I think Axel should have made her beg but that s just me i am a big fan of strong independent woman but she s pretty ridiculous ,in my humble opinion Makes you want to smack the crap out of her Despite the b t hy behavior by the protagonist I recommend this book.