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As a vampire slayer, there's only two types of guys interested in me The boring mortal guys that want to kiss med the bloodthirsty vampires that want to kill meSounds simple, right? Try not to let the normal guys bore me to death, and don't let the vampires kill anyoneWell, things have changedThe slayers have ordered me to capture the vampire overlord Rurik, but he has other plans And the I learn about him, the less certain I am that he’s the monster we’ve made him out to be It probably doesn’t help that I'm falling for himNow I don’t know who to trust, and as forces greater than either of us struggle for power, I may never get the chance to find out See, here’s the thingBaiting the enemy can be satisfyinguntil you’re the one who gets caught

10 thoughts on “Bait (Angler, #1)

  1. Ingie Ingie says:

    Written June 6, 2014

    3.3 Stars - Vampire hunting with a very funny and brave girl - charming enough to listen to with some giggling moments

    I got Bait as a freebie a year ago and now added the audiobook also for just a few bucks (two). Maybe not my first book-choice in style and genre nowadays but certainly worth testing.

    A fast-paced, playful steamy and adventurous vampire suspense romance seems, after all, pretty fun to listen to in about 8-9 hours. ~ And this book delivered exactly that.

    I'm happy and satisfied with a vampire smile. (view spoiler)[

    I also need to improve my stats with m/f romances this year. At least every fourth or fifth book is my current goal. ~ Checked and done! (hide spoiler)]

  2. Heather *Undercover Goth Queen* Heather *Undercover Goth Queen* says:

    Not the worst vampire book I've read, but the romance happened wayyyyy too fast. Do not like.

  3. N.G. N.G. says:

    Things that I liked:
    -the book's fast-paced
    -the story's is pretty concise
    -It made me laugh
    -Connie  had good ideas when it came to escaping 
    -Connie was the bait for the vampires. She had to wear pretty clothes while sitting inside a bar. This really reminded me of Halfway However, is not the same...Cat's a bad ass and Connie is just...rabbit.

    Things that I didn't like:
    -Connie isn't a bad ass heroine

    -The beginning was kind of...random(?)
    -Connie cried way too much

    Even thought Connie and Rurik's story continues, I don't think I'm going to read the next one...I read something about a threesome (reviews from book 2), and I'm a super prude when it comes to ménage scenes, so... 

  4. Cara Bristol Cara Bristol says:

    This is one of the best vampire books I've ever read, with twists and turns that kept me guessing throughout the book. Very well done!

  5. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    In the tradition of Laurell K. Hamilton and Jim Butcher, Annie Nicholas has created a first person POV book about Connie Belce, a young woman in her twenties hired by Vampire Hunters to be used as BAIT in luring vampires who have committed heinous crimes to their death. She just looks like someone they want to eat.

    Sent to Budapest, and somewhat out of her element, she has the daunting task of luring the Master of the City, Rurik from a dance club to an unsuspecting trap. Only problem: Rurik may or may not have actually done the crimes he's accused of.

    Before she knows whats happened, Rurik is pursuing her with romantic overtones, the Nosferatu are on her tail, she's gotten involved in not only vampire politics but the drug trade, and her boss goes missing. The good news, she's, well, awesome.

    What Nicholas has managed to do, that so few authors manage to do, is to create a character in Connie who is tough but also sensitive and approachable. She's funny but not over the top sarcastic. She's likable and she's carrying around a burden that would destroy people much taller than she is.

    Bravo to Ms. Nicholas. This is Angler #1. I'm so excited for #2. Oh..and it doesn't hurt that Rurik is so delicious. LOL

  6. Shelley Shelley says:

    Fabulous freebie! and this coming from a total freebie snob. I download them and never read them. I'm silly like that. Something in my brain says if it's free it can't be that good if they have to give it away.
    Boy was I wrong with Annie's novel.
    This was just so cool!
    Broken hearted lovable heroine and a gorgeous lonely vampire who is fighting off the seriously nasty Nosferatu vampire bad dude.
    Lots of plotting, double crossing and action. Romantic, full of suspenseful moments. Sexy and very addictive reading.

    I have paid good money for books and not enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed this one! Thanks Annie!

  7. PepperP0t PepperP0t says:

    I was caught up immediately with Connie Rabbit Bence's assignment as bait to lure the vampire lord Rurik to his demise. Connie works as a seducer for a shadow-y (read mercenary) group that eliminates vampires who prey on humans but she ends up being seduced by her prey. Everywhere she goes in Budapest he is there and Connie is finding it harder at each time to resist. It was very easy to care if this couple is together or not
    Connie's boss and co-workers have always been correct in determining their prey, but this time she isn't so sure. The information she is given conflicts with the actions she sees when she is with him. When she is given even more information everything becomes even more suspect.
    I really liked the unique terminology for the vampire cult here (i.e. kiss is a vampire coven). Another high point for me was the accessibility of these fully fleshed characters and their interaction with the equally fleshed secondary characters. The action, romance and suspense pieces were equally balanced for a smooth read. The pacing and writing style of this origin story both worked great for me. I'd never read anything by this author but I will in the future.

  8. Zarah Zarah says:

    I'm sorry. I wanted to like this. I did like it in the beginning - when Connie was introduced and presented as a smart and assertive woman who could take care of herself.
    Then the old-cradle-robbing-hottie was introduced and suddenly her brains melted away, she thought with her libido and was perfectly fine with him calling her Rabbit (after a poem about a hunetd animal - Run, Rabbit, run! I kid you not!), making decisions for her (including what she should wear) and, after a little guilt over her dead husband and all that, she DRUGS HERSELF into complying with his plan to take her to bed.
    Yup. She does.

    This book really had a good thing going for it: Connie.
    It also had wit, clever dialogues and some smarts.

    Then Connie stopped thinking, the proof-reader lost all interest in hecking for mistakes and there was a ton of unneccessary and weird PWP - a lot of it rather sexual assault than sweet-and-consentual.

    It left me slightly nauseous and sad.

    (1½ stars - of which one full star is because of the funny Connie scenes where Rurik isn't involved = the parts where she can stll use her brain.)

  9. LynnMarie LynnMarie says:

    Hunter’s Review

    Wow. Where can I get my own Rurik? Annie Nicholas has created such hot characters they practically steam off the page in this first person narrative that takes a fresh look at the vampire genre. Nicholas’ vampires do not glow or sparkle. While some of them are not necessarily monsters, they are, in fact, bloodsuckers in the best possible way.

    The author has managed to take a subject—vampires—that I think a lot of people would argue that the vampire time has passed but Nicholas managed to make it feel fresh again. I look forward to investigating more books from her.

    5 Tea Cups!

  10. SN the Viking SN the Viking says:

    This was a new writer and a new series too me. I have already bought the next books so that sould tell you I enjoyed this.
    This is a new awesome vamp series I am going to follow for sure, so hard to find good UF vamp series.
    4 stars