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Two Soulmates Finally Meet, Their Hearts Full And Complete A Curse By A Vengeful Ghost Is Made, To Sever The Ties Woven By FateThey Say We All Have Our Own Soulmatesthe Ones Were Destined To Spend Our Whole Lives With But Orphan Olivia Fredson Has No Time For That She Has An Infant Niece, A Family Business, And Her College Education To Take Care Ofall On Her Own Even Multibillionaire Romanov Naight Is Too Busy To Even Think Of One When Hes Not Managing His Law Firm And The University In Which Hes One Of Its Governors, He Prowls The Night Together With His Pack To Keep Their Kind Safe From Meddling HumansBut It Takes Only One Night, A Car Crash, And A School Project To Change Their Minds Suddenly, Olivia Finds Herself In The Complex World Of Werewolves And In A Complicated Relationship With Berlins Alpha King Himself No Matter What She Does, She Always Gravitates Back To Romanovhis Castle, His Presence, His ArmsLittle Does She Know That Behind All The Sweet Caresses And Hot Kisses Is A Thousand Year Old Curse Not Even The Strong Romanov Can Protect Her FromFor How Can You Protect Your Soulmate If You Yourself Are The Danger From The Author Of The Bestselling Book, Mated To The Alpha King, Jennise K Delivers Another Gripping Tale On The Great Lengths People Go In The Name Of Love, And The Dangers Of An Affection Gone Too Far With Beasty Grab A Copy Now And Be In For A Literary Treat

5 thoughts on “Beasty (A Royal's Tale Book 2) (English Edition)

  1. Stella C. Stella C. says:

    I did not have the pleasure of reading the first book in the series.A first by this Author and a wonderful surprise as I did not know what to expect There is a lot happening in this book that has an excellent plot and storyline and includes a curse and a vengeful spirit.The two stubborn main characters have to jump many hurdles before their happily every after.The secondary characters are vivid and colourful and do enhance and support the storyline.The story did capture and held my attention even though the book needs editing More research needs to be done on the different countries where the story takes place in, as there are no familiar named buildings, landmarks, roads or scenery that is mentioned.A moot point There are no tropical reptiles to be found in Berlin, except in the zoo.

  2. Jina Jina says:

    Like I said for the first book You won t be disappointed I love this book only cuz I love Rome Lol I will be excited for the next book when it comes out

  3. Hege Hege says:

    I love Romanov and Olivias story Jennise keeps you on your toes throughout the book.

  4. Jasmine Voosen Jasmine Voosen says:

    Beasty is a worthy follow up to Mated to the Alpha King This story sees the story of Romanoff and his Soul mate Olivia attempting to find their way to their happily ever after Of course all is complicated by two very stubborn mates, a curse and an evil, vengeful spirit Throw in our ever colourful group of friends, Bryce, Thea, Matthew and a whole crop of new characters and this is a book worth reading

  5. Smitty#35 Smitty#35 says:

    The book needs alot of editing I still love the old characters as well as the new ones The problem that I have is that the story jumps alot I can t tell when one thought changes to another at times The writing style is so different from that of Mated to the Alpha King I pray that the next book is better.