books Betrayal (Faber Drama)Author Harold Pinter –

Great read Betrayal is a new departure and a bold onePinter has found a way of making memory active and dramatic, giving an audience the experience of the mind s accelerating momentum as it pieces together the past with a combination of curiosity and regret He shows man betrayed not only by man, but by time a recurring theme which has found its proper scenic correlativePinter captures the psyche s sly manoeuvres for self respect with a sardonic forgivenessa master craftsman honouring his talent by setting it new, difficult tasks New Society There is hardly a line into which desire, pain, alarm, sorrow, rage or some kind of blend of feelings has not been compressed, like volatile gas in a cylinder less stable than it looksPinter s narrative method takes what s next out of the spectator s and replaces it with the rather deeper how and why Why did love pass How did these people cope with the lies, the evasions, the sudden dangers, panic and the contradictory feelings behind their own deftly engineered masks The play s subject is not sex, not even adultery, but the politics of betrayal and the damage it inflicts on all involved The Times First staged at the National Theatre in 1978, Betrayal was revived at the Almeida Theatre, London, in 1991 Twenty years after its first showing, it returned to the National in 1998. I AM QUITE FAMILIAR WITH THE PLAY I JUST NEEDED AN ADDITIONAL COPY. His best play. Read this after the hype if the West End and Broadway shows starring Tom Hiddleston A great read, you can feel the anger and hurt in the lines of the play and also the loss for each character I didn t find that I warmed to any of the characters but really felt for each of them also I d definitely read it again. Enjoyed reading the play But l did buy it because l was unable to see my favorite actor, Tom Hiddleston, preform in it.