Free Reading Bike Shorts: Your Complete Guide to Indoor CyclingAuthor Marisa Michael –

This book is helpful for both indoor cyclists and instructors.Written in a perspective that expands our insight into aspects of indoor cycling that we may take for granted. As someone who is transitioning from running to spinning for my primary aerobic exercise, I found Ms Michael s book to be an easy read and very informative Short and to the point with little fluff or exposition on non pertinent topics You ll learn if you really need those spinning cycling shoes or the padded biking shorts You ll also learn what constitutes a good ride through application of appropriate cadence, resistance, riding position and you ll learn to spot a bad spin class instructor.This book is a great place to get your feet wet when it comes to indoor cycling spinning. Helpful if you are new to riding a spin bike Would be better if there were some pictures or illustrations to illustrate points. Easy to read, funny, and full of good information Clearly the author has lots of experience and is willing to share Good info for people who want to start from square one, but also some smart insights for those who want to delve into the science behind cycling I liked the short chapters I ve taken just a few indoor cycling classes, but am wanting to cycle This book helped me gain confidence. Perfect For Any Cyclist From Novice To Expert, Including Cycle Instructors This Book Covers Nutrition, Hydration, Bike Fit, Form, Gear, Etiquette, Stretches, And It Even Has Sample Drills, Sample Class Formats, And Guides For Heart Rate Training And Calculating Sweat Rate This Book Has All The Information You Need To Meet Your Fitness Goals Through Indoor Cycling I need this book because I just started spinning after a long time and needed to hear an expert remind me that it s okay to ride my own ride and to listen to my own body The only thing missing was that it didn t contain a lot of the types of terms that instructors use in class and what they mean Different hand positions and other commands I did like being told to get to class 15 minutes early and that the class start time doesn t mean class arrival time If you have a 7 30 pm class, be in your saddle at 7 20, 7 25 latest.