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The Landmark Book That Has Revolutionized The Way We Understand Leadership And Decision Making From Number One Best Selling Author Malcolm Gladwell In His Landmark Best Seller The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell Redefined How We Understand The World Around Us Now, In Blink, He Revolutionizes The Way We Understand The World Within Blink Is A Book About How We Think Without Thinking, About Choices That Seem To Be Made In An Instant, In The Blink Of An Eye, That Actually Aren T As Simple As They Seem Why Are Some People Brilliant Decision Makers, While Others Are Consistently Inept Why Do Some People Follow Their Instincts And Win, While Others End Up Stumbling Into Error How Do Our Brains Really Work, In The Office, In The Classroom, In The Kitchen, And In The Bedroom And Why Are The Best Decisions Often Those That Are Impossible To Explain To Others In Blink We Meet The Psychologist Who Has Learned To Predict Whether A Marriage Will Last, Based On A Few Minutes Of Observing A Couple The Tennis Coach Who Knows When A Player Will Double Fault Before The Racket Even Makes Contact With The Ball The Antiquities Experts Who Recognize A Fake At A Glance Here, Too, Are Great Failures Of Blink The Election Of Warren Harding New Coke And The Shooting Of Amadou Diallo By Police Blink Reveals That Great Decision Makers Aren T Those Who Process The Most Information Or Spend The Most Time Deliberating, But Those Who Have Perfected The Art Of Thin Slicing , Filtering The Very Few Factors That Matter From An Overwhelming Number Of Variables Drawing On Cutting Edge Neuroscience And Psychology And Displaying All Of The Brilliance That Made The Tipping Point A Classic, Blink Changes The Way You Understand Every Decision You Make Never Again Will You Think About Thinking The Same Way

8 thoughts on “Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

  1. Andreas S. Andreas S. says:

    Malcolm Gladwell makes a very compelling case for the occasional perhaps even prevalent superiority of intuition and gut feelings over careful analysis and thought.The book is very engaging, also the format and length make for an excellent reading experience.After this book, I just had to read Outliers and The Tipping Point and was not dissappointed

  2. anno anno says:

    Spannend und liest sich leicht Ich habe es mit vergn gen gelesen Die Idee das unser Unterbewusstsein viel besser und schneller als unser Verstand ist, ist nicht neu, aber das Buch gibt so viele interessante Beispiele und Geschichten dazu.

  3. Stefan Stefan says:

    Gegen Ende kommt nicht mehr viel neues, aber die ersten 150 200 Seiten sind echt spannend.Es geht um unterbewusstes denken und Entscheidungen.

  4. Theilmann Theilmann says:

    Malcolm Gladwell gelingt es, auf journalistische Weise ein komplexes Thema zu entwickeln und eine schl ssige Lesart davon zu entwickeln, was in unseren K pfen abgeht, wenn wir ohne gro nachzudenken urteilen Riesenvergn gen machte mir dabei die Vielzahl abenteuerlicher Anekdoten und die Breite der aufgez hlten Beispiele Zum Vergn gen beigetragen hat f r mich auch, dass im Laufe des Buchs sp rbar wird, dass er tats chlich ein eigenes Erkenntnisinteresse verfolgt und an einer selbstst ndigen Position zwischen all diesen Psychologen und Fachleuten arbeitet Wunderbare, gut lesbare und anregende Lekt re, sehr empfohlen

  5. Anke Anke says:

    Sehr unterhaltsam und lehrreich Kann das Buch nur weiterempfehlen Perfekte Lieferung durch .

  6. Johann Richard Johann Richard says:

    A solid, interesting even thought provoking and nice read, but not as outstanding as I thought it would be Maybe it s because the ideas presented in the book are surfacing here and there Anyway, Gladwell basically says to trust our gut feelings, that we can train our expertise in gut feeling and that we are often fooled if not paying attention by factors we think won t influence our decision making.

  7. TaohongDaxiang TaohongDaxiang says:

    I love his writing he brings across his ideas with such vast amount of knowledge and examples I really recommend this one

  8. Peter Bonert Peter Bonert says:

    Man sollte bei diesem Buch schon etwas reflektiv an die Thesen ran gehen denke wie berall Trotzdem sind die Erkenntnisse sehr erstaunlich und es macht Spa zu lesen, welche Streiche einem das Unterbewusstsein spielt spielen kann