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The s Liberia is Michaels new home He meets the Liberian boy Benjamin and they become best friends Blood Brothers for life Experiencing grand adventures in the breathtaking tropical landscape and the Atlantic, they dont recognize the countrys dangerous political downward spiral Brutal civil war tears Liberia and the friends apart Ben desperately fights for survival against hunger, bloodthirsty rebels and utter despair while Michael flees to Germany and has to watch his old home disintegrate into hell The friends never give up their friendship and a desperate search beginsAn unbelievable and inspiring true story of friendship that has moved the hearts in Europe and is now available in the English version Blood Brothers is a true autobiographical story It is written in alternating chapters by both protagonists giving insight into both ways of thinking and a great example of multicultural understanding and enduring friendship The reader will enjoy the youthfully nave friendship between two cultures, getting an inside perspective of West African culture and cults and recognizing the dying beauty of AfricaThen the civil war breaks out and the reader accompanies Ben through the war as a child soldier, rebel and father By reading Bens story, the reader is confronted with the mindset, challenges and terrible consequences of thisyear conflict Michaels alternating view from Germany gives momentary relief from Bens gruesome accounts Michael and Ben begin a hopeless search despite war, separation and imminent threat of death A desperate bounty hunt in the last days of war and plundering is their last resortA firsthand account written by a child soldier in West Africa Africa fascinates us Friendships inspire us True eye witness accounts educate us Happy endings encourage us This true story has it allBlood Brothers Our Friendship in Liberia was first published in Germany in , instantly hitting the bestselling list The authors were on numerous national TV shows, the national press laudated their story, a musical was created and hundreds of book shows have touched hearts all over Europe Blood Brothers was awarded the Golden Image Award of Liberiaby Liberias president and Nobel Prize Winner Ellen Sirleaf Johnson The German version of the book is now in the th edition infos blutsbrueder