Prime Breathe GOLFAuthor Jayne Storey –

Read this a couple of months ago and I thought that a lot of what the author says rings true Have been trying to put some of the teaching into practice As other reviewers have said it s not an instant fix but I m definitely starting to see some great results and have been playing some effortless golf Worth a read if your looking for an alternative view to the normal golf instruction and golf psychology books The best golf book i have read in a long time. This Definitive Work, Written By A Long Term Teacher Of Eastern Philosophy And Practice, Explores The Relationship Between Breathing, The Quiet Mind And Playing Effortless Golf, Especially When Under Pressure Drawing On A Lifetime Of Meditation And Tai Chi, Plus Years Research Into The Perfect Golf Shot,Breathe GOLF Teaches You How To Unite Your Mental Game With Your Swing With Real Life Student Case Studies And Than Unique Drills And Exercises, You Ll Learn How Awareness Of Your Breathing Can Help You Reduce Mental Interference Access The Zone Strengthen Your Mind Body Connection Unite Your Mental Game And Technique Master Anxiety Prepare For Competition Perform Under Pressure Win Tournaments This Innovative Guide To Mastering Your Game Will Become The Go To Performance Manual That You Ll Refer To Again And Again Very interesting book, possibly a little repetitive Yet to see real results but need meditation practice If you are thinking about buying this book be aware that you need to make a commitment to daily meditation practice but then you probably already know that if you are this far It s ok, not much different from other book I ve read I have over 30 books relating to the mental side of golf and its impact upon performance Breathe Golf is the first to actually show me how to work towards reducing stress and tension on and off the golf course I have found the techniques detailed in the book very worthwhile.If you are serious about improving your game then this book is a must read It brings the mind and body together to produce effortless golf. Essential information for you to enjoy and get the most from your game With so much competing for your attention in modern life training yourself to quite the mind is essential for so many reasons Great book. You watched the 2019 Masters right and were in awe of the calmness and creativity of Tiger s winning performance.It must be his swing right, or his what has always separated Tiger from the rest is the ability get out of his own way and let his skills and creativity take over when the heat is most intense Want to know the secret s of the ancient ritual s he learned many years ago and has used to great effect all his career.then read this book It explains the missing link like it has never been fully explained before Bookshelves are full of books on golf technique.however a revolution is on its way and this is the definitive work on this key link between the mind and body and performing to your best when it matters. This book isn t much about golf which is the point The ideas in the book really appeal to me and have the potential to make real improvements in my golf and other areas of my life Oh, and the author really knows what she s writing about The book and the approach are not a panacea or a quick fix plenty of hard work to come