Free ePUB Breeding My Little Sister (Taboo Brother Sister Pseudo-Incest Erotica)Author Danni Gayle –

And timing there never seemed a right time to tell or show her how he feltThen one night, Gina comes home from a late night on the town She s dressed to the nines and very hot and sexyNow, this stepbrother has decided to act and show his stepsister what a good time can really be ADULTS ONLY Graphic sex decriptions, oral sex, vaginal sex, and other sex acts are described in detail Warning This story features graphic sex elements and strong language that may offend or disturb some readers The adult only themes may offend or disturb some readersAll characters portrayed areyears of age or older EXCERPT FROM THE STORY I came close to her, almost right up against her face, and pressed my lips to hers She was nervous at first but continued to kiss me, our mouths touching like magnets It felt amazing, like I had finally attained the chance to kiss my lovely sister for the first time We continued to kiss a little fervently now as my hand snaked to her waist and her pulled on my neck I pushed my tongue into her mouth, asking for entrance, which she gladly allowed and I was finally able to taste my sister for the first time She had a hint of peppermint in her mouth, probably from the toothpaste she used We stayed there for a few minutes, continuing to kiss each other in a heated passion before she broke away There was no other noise for a moment besides our heavy breathing, and it felt almost eerie to be like this Y you care about me she asked Of course I do Bella I care about you than anyone else around I ve turned down other girls for you and I have waited for a while to show you that I care, I replied