Free Best Bruiser (Seattle Sharks Book 7) –

Im the Seattle Sharks newest BruiserThe fighter The protector On the ice, I end the battles others startOff the ice, Im just trying to keep my name out of the tabloidsAfter all, thats what got me traded from OntarioDonating to a Big Brother program for the good press was easyBut then I meet Elliot, the ten year old spitfire who lives for sarcasm and hockey, and I cant help but volunteer to mentor herThat is, if her mom will let meIve wanted Shea Lansing from the moment we met last seasonShes an incredible single momSexy, sharp, stubborn, and hates hockey almost as much as she despises violence AKAHer past is darker than mine, and shell do anything to ensure it never touches her daughter Mentoring Elliot has Shea and I crossing pathsand wiresOur connection is electric Undeniable UnstoppableBut when her past comes back to haunt her, Ill have to lay everything on the line to keep themIm used to violence on the ice, but fighting for what I love Thats a whole different kind of gameOne that could ruin us in the end