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As a parent of a son currently in Coach Jennifer s training, I can confidently state that she coaches exactly as she preaches Training sessions are at the edge of the comfort zone where the growth is made The high fives are continuous and team spirit is high Students understand that their character is important than their competence Having a safe place for each player to work on their weaknesses, without judgement, and with support, is the only way to grow The message of this book is not only for high level atheletes, but can be applied to any team especially a family Support one another and make an effort to improve your community. Building An Uncommon Champion Do You Have A Child Who Loves To Play Hockey And Dreams Of Being On A College, NHL Or Olympic Team One Day So Many Children Dream Of This Success, Yet So Few Reach It How Come In This Book, Building An Uncommon Champion, Jennifer Matras Will Teach You From Years Of Experience Of Working With Athletes And Also Training With Retired Navy SEALS, Who Are Known As The Best Of The Best, On How To Help Your Child Get To The Next Level Along With Helping Them Sustain Success For A Lifetime Other Books May Claim To Get Others To Another Level, But They Only Focus On Building Speed Or Strength Our Program Gives Your Child An Uncommon Advantage With Proven Techniques To Enhance And Sustain One S Abilities In The Arena, Weight Room, And Classroom Along With Building World Class Leadership Skills Through This Audiobook Your Child Will Gain Uncommon Results In Mental Toughness Focus And Discipline Communication Skills Self Confidence Healthier Relationships Over All Performance And Much Don T Miss Out On Learning How To Tap Into The God Given Tools He Gives Us To Be The Best We Can Be Here S To Leaving Common For Someone Else In Building an Uncommon Champion, Jennifer not only talks about why so many of us define success for the wrong reasons, but how this is the root cause of some of the societal issues we are facing today depression, loneliness, disease, entitlement, greed etc More importantly, she gives solutions to these problems on a community scale that will transform your life, as well as those around you for the better Whether your goal is to become a professional athlete, business owner, doctor, or anything in between, Jennifer gives you her proven mental training techniques that will help you maximize your potential, while also using these skills and your platform to enrich those around you This is a must read for all athletes, parents or grandparents of athletes It is extremely well written and provides the guidance necessary to excel in sports and in life The author has infused life experiences successes and failures to validate her lesson plans At 70 years old, I have learned many of these things the hard way through trial and error I only wish that a book like this had been written when I was a kid It is truly a great read. An amazing book I was a student of Jen s for 5 years prior to leaving for college and starting on my journey in nutrition, but this year I came back to shadow her for training and nutrition advice and I was blown away The AMAZING program she created has changed so much in the 3 years that I had left and I think that says a lot about who she is as a person She is never satisfied with just being good enough but instead is always looking for new opportunities and mentors to help deliver the ultimate package to her clients Coming back after three years definitely gave me a reality check at first because of how much a I had changed since I last saw her However after almost 9 weeks of training with her my mentality, sense of community and encouragement of others, views on certain aspects of life, religious understanding and appreciation for my lord and savior Jesus Christ have all changed for the better the list goes on and on and on Like I ve heard others say the program she designed will cause you to hate it at first because of the many reality checks you get thrown at you, but once those are out the way you have nothing but love and appreciation for not only the program but the woman behind it Once you have that you will want to go and spread what you ve learned because you see how her teachings sculpt you as a better human being, brother sister, owner, etc.So what does this have to do with the book Well all of Jennifer s teachings that she incorporates into her program are all contained in this book And don t think for a second that these teachings are just being spoke by her and not being acted upon Jen 100% practices what she preaches and I ve seen it first hand Going through her program has had nothing but a positive effect on my life and I fully believe if you incorporate these same teachings into yours you will LOVE the outcome So PLEASE join the movement to help change our society and get Jennifer s teachings out there