Read Reading Building Word Power In JapaneseAuthor Timothy J. Vance –

This book is a wonderful compilation of new vocabulary created by adding suffixes and prefixes to many words students already know A problem many students have is the lack of confidence in creating new words because there is so much variety For example, to negate a word using a prefix, will you use MU, HI, or FU In some cases, it may take only one In other cases, it may take than one for different nuances There is also the possibility that it takes none of them Making that judgment can be discouraging for many students of Japanese.This book will not give you EVERY word that can be made using a given prefix or suffix, but it will provide you with a significant number of useful examples For the main examples, the author provides example sentences After the main examples, there is an additional list of words provided that only have a translation For the most part, prefix and suffix words are easily understood by intermediate advanced students as long as they understand the meaning of the root word Therefore when reading, they tend not to be very problematic However, there are times in conversation or writing that these words would be useful, but they are very hard to think of Reviewing this book for that purpose is probably the best way to use it.I have had this book for a few weeks, and am still unsure of exactly how I intend to use it I would like to take one suffix or prefix each week and review the words If they don t stick, perhaps making a flashcard with examples for each of the suffixes and prefixes may be a good idea Finally, just becoming familiar with all of the suffixes and prefixes may be useful That way if you want to give it a try in conversation, you won t be limited to the words in the book Even if you make a mistake, surely your conversation partner will understand or correct you In all, I highly recommend this book because vocabulary limitations are an ongoing problem for foreign language students, and this will give you A LOT of new words to use. One of the better books for intermediate learners of Japanese. Presents an easy and quick way for students of Japanese to increase their vocabulary The text introduces the main prefixes and suffixes, to multiply vocabulary and enhance expressive power All prefixes are illustrated using sample English sentences, romanized and standard Japanese script Having grasped the rudiments of Japanese grammar, what the student needs next are words, phrases and turns of phrase Prefixes and suffixes, written with a single kanji, which can be attached to ordinary words, are the answer