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While Traveling To Fren, Allyssa And Odar Are Hijacked By A Ruthless Assassin Who Divulges A Stunning Secret That Changes EverythingTrying To Come To Terms With This Newfound Revelation, Allyssa Is Taken To Russek And Delivered Into The Hands Of A Malicious And Twisted Royal Family She Finds Herself An Unwilling Pawn In A Risky Political Game That Will Either End With Her Death Or The Annihilation Of Her Beloved Kingdom Unsure Of Where The Lies End And The Truth Begins, She Must Survive The Brutal Family And Escape The Fortified Castle, All The While Coming To Grips With Her Feelings For OdarIn A Kingdom Filled With Darkness, Allyssa Enters A Game Where One Wrong Move Means Death, Secrets Hide Around Each Corner, And It Will Take Every Ounce Of Cunning She Has To SurviveJennifer Anne Davis Graduated From The University Of San Diego With A Degree In English And A Teaching Credential She Is Currently A Full Time Writer And Mother Of Three Highly Energetic Children Her Days Are Spent Living In Imaginary Worlds And Fueling Her Own Kids Creativity She Is The Recipient Of The San Diego Book Awards Best Published Young Adult Novel And A Finalist In The Next Generation Indie Book Awards

5 thoughts on “Cage of Darkness: Reign of Secrets, Book 2 (English Edition)

  1. Elisabeth Wheatley Elisabeth Wheatley says:

    It only took me three months to read this, right No biggie Not shameful at all That s entirely on me as this was an absolutely fantastic book, though I thought there were a few problems.Mainly, I thought the author underestimated herself in conveying emotions It was a show, don t tell issue in some scenes where a character s feelings intentions were displayed very well, but we still had Allyssa put it to words in her head If those sections had been cut, I wouldn t have had any problem rating this a full 5 stars Goodreads and don t let you rate in halves, so I try to do my own ratings accordingly The plot Book 1 ended with an ambush murder kidnapping and the action picks right back up Romance, torture, betrayal, and a tangled web of duties and deceptions This series continues to have the same feel of the True Reign series whilst being its own and I m loving it The characters Allyssa does some interesting growing, realizing that her responsibilities to her kingdom are much bigger than what she wants She matures a lot, especially with what she goes through in Russek It was amazing to see how much she grew, but also sad No one should have to age 10 years in a few weeks My poor baby.I really didn t like Odar in this at all Even before we get to the twist at the last quarter of the book, I was starting to dislike him I mean, planning to let the princess of Emperion marry his squire in a deception What the hell, dude Never mind the unrenounced, misogynistic bastardry of his homeland, Fren And the whole don t spare my feelings debacle Jerk To be honest, he started irritating me most once Kerdan turned up.I want to marry Kerdan It s hard for me to explain why without dissolving into besotted blubbering, but we have a duty driven badass loved by his soldiers while struggling to do the right thing How can I not love him At one point, it was like Odar who Not to mention Kerdan has never actually lied to Allyssa unlike SOME PEOPLE I m sorry, but it s so freaking true.Soma, Shelene, Jana, and Eliza were just raw evil I prefer my evil medium rare or at least blanched, but this is middle YA, so I didn t count off for that I m not sure why, but I found the final scene with Odar and Shelene highly disturbing Usually, I m not bothered by violence in books, but I don t know Still, that was probably my favorite scene with any of the step royals because it was the most humanizing.I m super excited for book 3 this fall and it looks like my favorite character from the True Reign series will be coming back YES Just give me Nathanek and Kerdan bantering for a whole book and I can die happy.

  2. DesertReader DesertReader says:

    Since the explosive ending for Cage of Deceit, I have been anxiously waiting to find out what would happen to Allyssa and Odar Rest assured, there is no second book slump in this series From the beginning moments, Cage of Darkness is action packed and never relents I couldn t even bother to sleep, staying up late into the night to finish There are numerous plot twists and alliances are constantly shattered and realigned Cage of Darkness represents everything I enjoy in a YA fantasy series Always remember, you are the leader of your own destiny.Cage of Darkness is darker and intense than anything I ve read from Jennifer Davis After the initial shock wore off, I was left feeling impressed Allyssa was a tough heroine in Deceit, but she delivers on an entirely new level She has to endure countless battles and events throughout, and it only strengthens her resolve Her chemistry with Odar is as fiery as ever Despite the violence and somber feel, there is still plenty of banter and emotional moments Allyssa continues to develop into a strong leader for her kingdom, and I especially admired her attitude in the closing moments I m not the girl I was before I came here This place has changed me.I cannot wait for the third installment of this series All of my ships have sunk and my theories blown to pieces, but I relish truly not knowing what will happen next If you are a YA fantasy fan, I recommend trying Reign of Secrets.

  3. Helen Wawrejko Helen Wawrejko says:

    Alyssa and Odar taken captive by the assassin and delivered to the Queen of Russek War with Emperion , 20 years of revenge in the making, Alyssa suffers at the hands of the dungeon torturer, saved by an unlikely enemy, to find freedom in her grasp with the man she has come to love A unique turn of events make this a slammin darn good read I cried, I cursed the author.I loved this book

  4. booksmoviesandmoreohmy booksmoviesandmoreohmy says:

    I wasn t sure if I was going to enjoy this second book, especially after Alyssa arrived in Russek But once Kerdan came into the picture I loved the mysteries surrounding him and his motives, and I m excited to see what happens there with alliances and such As for Odar Who knows what I want Kerdan is much interesting right now, so fingers crossed the next book meets my expectations.

  5. Batman's Mistress Batman's Mistress says:

    Oh man what a good book I don t know how to review without spoilers I think Prince Odar is the hero of these stories, but I am rooting for a different prince I didn t mind that Odar lied, but the situation at the castle and the final act was far worse My hope is that she ends up with another prince Someone who I have far respect for This book keeps you guessing right until the end Good read