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This Book IncludesManuscriptsCalisthenicsThe Simple Six Body WorkoutWe have never had a better understanding of the importance of physical activity than we have today Knowing we need to exercise and actually finding the time to get active, however, seemdifficult than ever before When we drive down the street, it may appear that there is a gym on every corner, and a quick online search will find an amazing number of exercise programs out there, but perhaps, you do not want to commit to sharing your workout time with strangers or do not have time to complete thatminute training video The need is greater than ever to find a simple system that travels anywhere you do, doesnt take a lot of time, and meets your health and wellness goals Thats where calisthenics comes in Calisthenics, also known as Body Weight Training, has been the backbone of strength and conditioning workouts forcenturies than you can count on both hands Whether it was ancient Chinese warriors, the Greek Spartans, or even your fourth grade gym class, there probably is not a generation in history that hasnt found strength and wellness simply by working against ones own body weightIn this book you ll find Starting at Your BaselineGetting Your Train on the Right TrackBeginner Level Calisthenics ExercisesIncreasing the Intensity with Advanced CalisthenicsDeveloping the Simple Six into a Completely Customized WorkoutOverload vs Overtraining and Best Practices to Avoid InjuriesAdditional Options for Integrating Calisthenics and Other Types of Training MethodologiesBy the time you are finished reading, I am confident you will have all the resources you need to work out whenever and wherever you find works best for you Whether you are at home, on vacation, on a business trip or in the local park, you are sure to find your best workouts are ahead of you Bulletproof DietLose Fat, Get Fit t just learn about the foods that you are allowed to eat and the ones that you need to avoid, but also about the right times to eat to see the best results This guidebook will delve into this diet and explain why it is the best one for your needs This guidebook is going to bring up many of the great topics that you need to know to gain an understanding of the Bulletproof Diet and how it worksSome of the topics that we will discuss include What is the Bulletproof Diet What foods are allowed on this diet planThe health benefits of following this diet planThe importance of thinking positivelyHow getting enough sleep can help with your health journeyBulletproof Diet approved cooking methodsThe Bulletproof Diet is one of the best diet plans that you can choose to go on for your overall health and to ensure you finally lose weight without having to try so hard Make sure to check out this guidebook and learn everything that you need to know to make the Bulletproof diet work for youCombine the best bodyweight workout exercises with a diet that works Scroll Up And Click The BUY Button

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