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A runaway best seller, Michener s Centennial was written as a tribute to America s bicentennial celebration The book spages covermillion years Centennial is an epic novel of the history, land, and people of Colorado Centered around the fictional town of Centennial, the story contains an extensive cast of characters including Native Americans, French fur trappers, English noblemen, and American cowboys Providing lively narrative against Michener s skillfully researched canvas are people like Levi and Ellie Zendt, who left the confining life of the Pennsylvania Dutch only to find terror and uncertainty on the trip west, and the Garrett family, whose yearly struggle to farm the land was met time and again with defeat However, much of Michener s remarkable accomplishment is lost in this abridgment Although the listener gets the main thrust of the story line, the strength and beauty of the original are lost David Dukes s plodding narration is equally dull Most libraries should stick with the print version Gretchen Browne, Rockville Centre PL NYCopyrightReed Business Information, IncA hell of a bookWhile he fascinates and engrosses, Michener also educates Los Angeles Times An engrossing bookimaginative and intricateteeming with people and giving a marvelous sense of the land The Plain Dealer Michener is Americas best writer, and he proves it once again in Centennial If youre a Michener fan, this book is a must And if youre not a Michener fan, Centennial will make you one The Pittsburgh PressAn absorbing workMichener is a superb storyteller BusinessWeek

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