Download Best Chekhov: Cherry Orchard (Russian texts)Author Anton Pavlovich Chekhov –

This translation of Checkov s tragi comic play perhaps his most popular is being published to coincide with a production at the National Theatre, starring Vanessa Regrave

15 thoughts on “Chekhov: Cherry Orchard (Russian texts)

  1. Babsyboo Babsyboo says:

    Love his work

  2. Graham Cooke Graham Cooke says:

    It s not incredibly exciting but a second reading shows it to be clever and humorous The Kindle version lacks page and line numbers but it s a very convenient and cheap version.

  3. Dodo Dodo says:

    Great reading of a classic play The quality is excellent and the play is performed with relish and professional expertise.

  4. Yasmin Elizabeth Joseph Yasmin Elizabeth Joseph says:

    Too many characters boring play but cheap book, so thanks

  5. The Land lady! The Land lady! says:

    Fitness for purpose, the main body of the work published in a cheap edition Used for a one off discussion group.

  6. MG MG says:

    This review is for the translation, rather than the original The original is a classic, which needs no review It s been relevant for over 100 years and there is no need to discuss it further.The translation is poor I acquired this book for my child as a school read She was required to read it in English rather than in Russian by her teacher As a result, this book was completely lost on her, even though she grew up in a Russian speaking environment and visited Russia on several occasions When I asked her to read it in Russian, she realized how many critical things were inaccurately translated and the book started to make sense to her.Most people won t have the luxury to read the Russian original, but this translation should be avoided.

  7. ♫NewHorizons♫ ♫NewHorizons♫ says:

    Having just read it for the first time, I side with the interpretation that The Cherry Orchard is a tragedy, although one can argue that it tends in the direction of a farce Maybe I ll change my mind after a future reading, but for now tragedy.

  8. Claire Claire says:

    Translation was a little odd as everyone called each other different names than the stage names in the script, so it was even harder to follow, but I m a sucker for classic stories, so 3 stars.

  9. Joseph M. Joseph M. says:

    Tough, but if you really love theater, you must invest some time reading this before seeing it The same advice applies to Shakespeare s plays it is not that this is a Russian play.

  10. AD AD says:

    Bought this for my college English class It does explore different themes and is okay for the price, though if you are looking into elaborate plays, this is not much in detail.

  11. Customer Customer says:

    Entertaining story

  12. Franklin B. Mackenzie Franklin B. Mackenzie says:

    Nice to be able to read this again.

  13. Customer Customer says:

    I read this because my husband had to buy it for a college course and it was actually a really good play to read The only part I hate about reading plays is keeping who says what straight

  14. Brady Caverly Brady Caverly says:

    This item claims to be the Tom Stoppard translation It is not Moreover it is a fairly poor translation I wasted my money and now still have to purchase the correct one.

  15. Disciple of Whitman Disciple of Whitman says:

    If you love Chekhov you will love this stunning translation With high respect to the original, the piece flows with modern concerns and brilliant poetry.