[ Audiobooks ] Chemical Engineering in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Drug Product Design, Development, and ModelingAuthor Mary T. am Ende – Bilb-weil.de

A guide to the important chemical engineering concepts for the development of new drugs, revised second editionThe revised and updated second edition of Chemical Engineering in the Pharmaceutical Industry offers a guide to the experimental and computational methods related to drug product design and development The second edition has been greatly expanded and covers a range of topics related to formulation design and process development of drug products The authors review basic analytics for quantitation of drug product quality attributes, such as potency, purity, content uniformity, and dissolution, that are addressed with consideration of the applied statistics, process analytical technology, and process control The nd Edition is divided into two separate booksActive Pharmaceutical Ingredients API s andDrug Product Design, Development and ModelingThe contributors explore technology transfer and scale up of batch processes that are exemplified experimentally and computationally Written for engineers working in the field, the book examines in silico process modeling tools that streamline experimental screening approaches In addition, the authors discuss the emerging field of continuous drug product manufacturing This revised second edition Containsnew or revised chapters, including chapters on quality by design, computational approaches for drug product modeling, process design with PAT and process control, engineering challenges and solutions Covers chemistry and engineering activities related to dosage form design, and process development, and scale up Offers analytical methods and applied statistics that highlight drug product quality attributes as design features Presents updated and new example calculations and associated solutions Includes contributions from leading experts in the field Written for pharmaceutical engineers, chemical engineers, undergraduate and graduation students, and professionals in the field of pharmaceutical sciences and manufacturing,Chemical Engineering in the Pharmaceutical Industry, Second Edition contains information designed to be of use from the engineer s perspective and spans information from solid to semi solid to lyophilized drug products