[[ epub pdf ]] Circus Is Fun For Everyone: A Day In The Life Of A Kid interdisciplinary collection; brave, mindful and creative adventure for all; boys and girls, animal ... parents and teachers (English Edition)Author Anetta Kotowicz – Bilb-weil.de

The title and cover art had my longing for family fun circuses that pitched their tents in parks and baseball fields across the globe.The artwork throughout is adorable and eye catching.At times I felt there was content than needed.The lesson about bullying could have been laced throughout the story.Not a fan of making clowns into mean naughty, and scary. Circus Is Fun For Everyone, is a fantastic book for children It teaches them empathy and kindness towards others I love the fact that the book promotes multiculturalism which I feel is very important in today s world The illustrations are bright and colorful My daughter was hooked to the pictures and thoroughly enjoyed reading it She loves animals so she absolutely love this book and this is going to be her favorite bedtime story book now I highly recommend this book My nephew really enjoyed the imagery The pictures are really colorful and vibrant and each page has a lot to look at Fun Great book with funny and colorful illustrations Recommended So let me just start out by saying the illustrations in Circus is Fun for Everyone are spectacular So bold and bright, dramatic and engaging, these pictures will reach out and grab you, they are absolutely perfect for the colorful world that is a circus I love the overall goal of the book The storyline sends several good messages about encouraging each other, being a good friend, standing up to bullies and not accepting bullying behavior in general This imaginary circus portrays a friendly attitude toward the animals that delivers a positive message about being kind to animals, something that doesn t ring true with a real circus.I would like to have seen a tighter storyline I do love picture books that rhyme but it s so hard to get the meter just right Parts of the story I had to read twice to get the rhythm right in my head This doesn t necessarily take away from the overall intention of the message, it s a personal preference.I easily give Circus is Fun for Everyone a four star rating It s an interactive book full of fun things to learn about, there are songs to sing and no bullying signs to make It s quite simply a stunning presentation kids will want to revisit often. I loved this book I love the whole series Great colorful, fun illustrations in circus themed colors, with adorable characters and animals A little girl goes to sleep with her stuffed animals, and dreams imagines a circus This is a cruelty free circus, with lots of acrobats, clowns, animals, etc The characters promote being kind, mindful, and show empathy for each other The book teaches cooperation and problem solving skills It s a creative, rhyming book with instruments and sounds like clickity click and boom boom Cute pages in the back, to design a sign about not being a bully I think kids will love this book I was amazed at the variety of sounds and sights of the circus in this absolutely delightful book Although seemingly simple on the surface, there is a lot to this circus than meets the eye, and readers will be fascinated by the detailed illustrations and wonderful rhymes Highly recommended for any age. I love that this book was so lively and bright I really enjoyed reading it The illustrations were colorful and all of the characters were adorable We especially loved all the animals I love that this book promotes kindness and empathy Something that is a very valuable lesson for children. This book is lots of fun The pictures are REALLY bright and engaging, and I found the switch with humans performing and animals clapping to be an entertaining idea When the child in the story gets bullied by bad clowns, Ellie, his friend, is quick to jump to his rescue, and the story delivers a good anti bullying message. This innovative circus adventure picture book promotes circus arts, mindful play, and animal protection The artwork is stunning and colorful, the rhyming verses are clever and musical, but the concept is what sets it apart from all otherbooks Great gift for all boys and girlsEllie, the stuffed elephant, invites you to his favorite show in his dreamland, where performers are applauded by children s favorites squirrels, hedgehogs, parrots, snakes, giraffe, monkeys, bears, rhinoceros, and But what happens when someone starts acting unkind to others Join Ellieand his friend in this active listening and decision making adventure Promotes cooperation, multiculturalism, empathy Introduces conversation about the mindful play Inspires and encourages focus through performance related movement activity Great gift forcircusand summer themed birthday parties for boys and girls If Dr Seusss classic rhyming picture book tale of young Morris McGurks big circus was your favorite childhood story, you ll love Kotowicz s Circus Is Fun For Everyone twice as much This is the new era of circus adventure A great and highly recommendedpicture book for girls and boys Preschoolers to rd graders will learn to appreciateanimal cruelty free performances Collaboration, multiculturalism, social skills, mindfulness, problem solving, and support, animal protection with a dose of magic, a must have picture book in the classroom, and school libraries For information visit ArtsKindred and check all of the books in the awarded A Day In The Life Of A Kid interdisciplinary picture book seriesSubjects animal protection,Social skills, problem solvingmovement, and music creativity, performing artsBirthdays, Party, interactive library readingpreschool, kindergarten, kindergarten, early elementary primary graders