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Colloquial Burmese is easy to use and completely up to date Specially written by experienced teachers for self study or class use, the course offers a step by step approach to written and spoken Burmese No prior knowledge of the language is required What makes Colloquial Burmese your best choice in personal language learning Interactive lots of exercises for regular practice Clear concise grammar notes Practical useful vocabulary and pronunciation guide Complete including answer key and reference section By the end of this rewarding course, you will be able to communicate confidently and effectively in Icelandic in a broad range of everyday situations These two CDs are an invaluable component of the Colloquial Burmese course Recorded by native Burmse speakers it complements the book and will help you develop your pronunciation and listening skills Course components The complete course comprises the book and audio materials These are available to purchase separately in paperback, ebook, CD and MP format The paperback and CDs can also be purchased together in the great value Colloquials pack Paperbackplease note this does not include the audio CDsEbookplease note this does not include the audio, available to purchase from MPsavailable to purchase separately from Packpaperback and CDs

5 thoughts on “Colloquial Burmese: The Complete Course for Beginners (Colloquial Series)

  1. Benno Benno says:

    An excellent course , the bonus audio online providing a valuable extra The care taken in constructing the units and the assiduity in gently encouraging learning of the script give a firm foundation This is embedded by frequent , invariably audio as well as written , exercises The course needs to be taken slowly Burmese grammar and sound system are fascinatingly different and pay the time spent.

  2. AndyA AndyA says:

    NeB needs to accompanying audio Can t really learn without that.

  3. Raffaele Raffaele says:

    Ottimo testo, conciso ma completo per un primo approccio linguistico culturare alla lingua della Birmania Ottimi i CD per la corretta pronuncia dei toni Da consigliare

  4. 奥口孝二 奥口孝二 says:

    The publication of this book is long waited as there are few good textbooks for elementary colloquial Burmese.The book ,however,is disappointing.Each chapter has two or three examples of dialogue together with explanations, and formulas for representative expressions in boxes in too compact forms as well as in small letters.The reader is left wondering how in practice to apply the formulas instantaneously.It is definitely better to be provided a few complete examples for each formula.Dialogue examples and their pronounciations are given separately,which is very inconvenient for beginningreader to follow the dialogues phonetically.Each line of dialogue in Burmese scripts should be in parallel with its pronounciation.Finally, Burmese scripts ,therefore ,English letters also are too small,making it rather difficult to read the book.

  5. Matt Matt says:

    Solid intro book, great for people who want to build a foundation in Burmese before travel to Myanmar You can also use this to learn to write in Burmese, but aren t required to learn the script to get through it Worth noting is that the CD needs to be bought separately from the publisher, the free downloads available aren t comprehensive enough, and for a language like Burmese, you really need audio.