8 thoughts on “Communicate in Greek Workbook 1A, Lessons 1-12

  1. marketing-sales.co Customer marketing-sales.co Customer says:

    Very different from other editions of the same book which means its of virtually no use in my Greek for Beginners class Its supposed to be the same book as the teacher uses but things are all over the place and some are quite different.

  2. maria blackwell maria blackwell says:

    Good book

  3. Anna Anna says:

    Bonne m thode

  4. L L says:

    Ce cahier est bien par contre le dictionnaire Grec n est pas bon les pages se cassent et elles se d tachent Je l ai consult qu une fois.Pourriez vous me l changer s il vous pla t


    Le cahier correspond exactement mon attente

  6. Sabine Schubert Sabine Schubert says:

    Aufbau des Buches ist gut, aber leider nichts f r Anf nger Wurde leider von unserem Kursleiter verwendet Alles nur auf griechisch.

  7. Georgia P. James Georgia P. James says:

    I feel that the new vocabulary for each chapter should be introduced and learned prior to attempting to complete any exercises It is impossible for one with absolutely no knowledge to understand even the directions without knowledge of the vocabulary The teacher s which i have encountered literate in Greek and do not seem to understand the problem It is possible that I am not able to learn without vocabulary first and it must be that others are intelligent than I However, I finally checked each new word in a chapter and found its meaning before I was able to progress The fault does not lie with the method nor with the teacher It is my inability to learn without being able to translate from my native language into a foreign one.