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Im pretty sure Ashley Jade has put herself on the map with this one Before Complicated Hearts, Im not sure if I knew what New Adult really was This book is unique, hot, captivating, and most importantly f cking complicated Ashley Jade has not only written a kickass book, she has given the world a new New Adult genre because Im not sure I can go back to the New Adult Im used to after reading this Jackie, Fire and Ice Book ReviewsUnexpected, emotional, and effing brilliant Complicated Hearts is mind blowing and unlike any other book Ive read Tijuana, TJ Loves Books BlogComplicated is Ashley Jades take on New Adult done the right way It is an alluring drama filled with angst and emotions that completely touch you in the most raw way possible it struck me to the core It fascinated me It shocked me It changed me I still need to fully process my feelings but Complicated Hearts was by far my favourite of this year Tanaka, The Romantic Angel BlogWow I thought Ashley was the Queen of Dark Romance Angst with this book she has cemented her place in New Adult Michelle B, A Woman Her BooksHoly mother of book angst What did I just read Michelle R, After Dark Reading GroupFilled with tension and passion so raw This page turning, scorching read left me with a pounding heart and desperate to see where this will lead Lg Reads, Words We loveShe has a way of masterfully throwing you for a loop It sinks into you deep Im totally talking about the mind and heart Giving each of her characters their own mind and personality as you turn each page you peel offof their layers Giving you something raw, gritty and genuine This story was supernova hot Jess Two Darlin Dolls a Book ReviewsThere is so much heart, soul, angst and tension that it will leave you with the rawest emotions you could ever feel at the end a book I highly encourage anyone and everyone to read this Kara DDespite the topic, colors, storyline and characters that were very much different from her previous work, the truth is Its STILL Ashley JadeIts her making me discover Asher, Landon, and Beslin in the way she does best making ME feel the depth of the characters, their struggles, their pain, sorrow, and past Its her drawing an intensive love story filled with passion, longing, lust and heat Its her showing the human being in all its glory, wearing their scars, their burden but also their light MM Laberge, All About BooksEmotional Hot Unique New Adult done in a way I never expected Such an amazing read MellsViewsJump in and fall in love with this complicated love story Step outside of your comfort zone and love all of the words this fabulous Author has poured her heart and soul into Christina My Guilty ObsessionAn absolute winner and no way isenough for this Im blown away A definite addition to the reread pile Ally, Allys Book ReviewsIt flows perfectly and you cant but help fall in love with these characters they are so well developed Charlie, WLTB BlogI have to give credit to Ashley with this book Not only did she give me a book identity crisis by making me feel, she also has me rooting for the ones I never expected to like, never mind love Vickie, WLTB BlogIm not gonna lie there were times that had me fanning myself off While Im still not a fan of the above mentioned genres, I am a fan of Complicated Hearts Its superbly written, and the characters are flawed but somehow theyre perfect Tanya, IBooksWhat a rollercoaster ride this one is Laura, BookBistroBlogI thoroughly enjoyed the book The feels were really strong and I enjoyed reading hot AF scenes Shabby, BookBistroBlogMs Jade hit it on the head Hot, steamy exploration of feelings and sex that will leave you hot and bothered Terri OHoly Hells Bells Complicated Hearts grabbed me and kept me hooked throughout,from me Michelle M