{Free Audible} Comprehensive Course in Twi (Asa (Agriculture in Uganda)Author Florence Abena Dolphyne – Bilb-weil.de

Asante Twi is the most widely spoken of the dialects of the Akan language, and Akan is spoken by about forty four percent of Ghana s population as a first language It is also used as a second language by many others The author, Professor of Linguistics at the University of Ghana, has written the bookto introduce a non Twi beginner to the spoken language, which forms themain focus Dialogues are as natural and as close to current every day usage as possible another book that should be very helpful to students and examiners in the Twi Asante language West Africa

10 thoughts on “Comprehensive Course in Twi (Asa (Agriculture in Uganda)

  1. avengersinfinitywarfullmovie.de Customer avengersinfinitywarfullmovie.de Customer says:


  2. Sebastian Rothwell Sebastian Rothwell says:

    A better Twi language course than any I have come across before Used by tutors in London Does not come with audio tapes or CDs.

  3. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    This book is ideal for you if you are a beginner learner of the twi language As a person born in the UK, I have found this extremely helpful in enabling me to develop and master the language I have advanced a great deal from knowing a few words to now being able to hold conversations and read and write a great deal Pronunciation of the vocabulary is included as is many dialogues and words on a range of topics Minus the odd error, this book will give you a good grounding in the main concepts of the language.


    No responde a mis expectativas Anticuado y adem s no acompa aba la cinta de cassette que indicaba la publicidad Lo devolv.

  5. rosalind rosalind says:

    Very helpful indeed I wish the dictionary was expansive or that it had a Twi to English section as well as the English to Twi.

  6. Richard T. Richard T. says:

    I am trying to learn basic Twi, as I will be working in Ghana later this year By ordering the book, I had hoped to acquire basic language skills to increase my communication skills while in Ghana.To this end, I found the 146 page book to be worthless How can a comprehensive course be so short It is accompanied by a disk that is difficult to hear, as it seems to be recorded from a simple tape recorder The content is not repeated so that I had to reverse the disk constantly, and still was unable to comprehend what was being said.In conclusion, this book is a thorough disappointment While I tend to have an affinity for foreign language, I did not even come close to mastering basic greetings.I would advise anyone looking to learn Twi to find an alternative resource.

  7. Berne K. Berne K. says:

    returned before used

  8. Doug. Stephenson Doug. Stephenson says:

    This was my starting place I do not speak anything apart from English, German and Mexican Spanish, This is very new to me and was a good starting point I was disappointed that it said there was a tape, but not supplied To speak is also to hear and then learn All I can do at present is write and that is enough for now Pitty about the tape because I would love to try and speak as well.

  9. Marwan L. Wingate Marwan L. Wingate says:

    The book I recieved must have been some kind or reprint It was not of the same quality as other books of this title have had In addition, there was no CD with the book This title typically comes with an associated Twi cd.

  10. The Old Wizard The Old Wizard says:

    very helpful much better than any free dictionary online.