[[ epub pdf ]] Concert Lighting: The Art and Business of Entertainment LightingAuthor James Moody – Bilb-weil.de

This book provides real working knowledge and advice from seasoned professionals It is the literature every young designer should have the privilege of reading From tour life to industry standards this is the best book I have come across for a young professional. I ve learned so much from this book and my work has shown improvement based on the concepts I learned from the his book. Informative 101 book for our business. I m satisfied just reading the content page and reviewing photo captions I had the first edition of this book but it was destroyed in a food This book is being used for practical applications with my sound production company. Concert Lighting Tools, Techniques, Art, And Business Fourth Edition Provides Readers With An Updated Look At How To Succeed In The Complex World Of Concert Lighting Design And Technology The Authors Have Reorganized The Book Into Three Comprehensive And Thoroughly Revised Sections, Covering History, Equipment And Technology, And Design, And Containing New Information On LED Technology, Pixel Mapping, Projection Options, Media Servers, Automated Lighting, Solutions For Moving Lights, DMX, And Ethernet Problems, And Designer Communication And Collaboration This Book Also Explores The Cross Media Use Of Concert Lighting Techniques In Film, Video, Theatre, And The Corporate World, Highlighted With Advice From Master Designers Such As Bruce Rodgers, Cosmo Wilson, And Sarah Landau From Securing Precious Contracts To Knowing The Best Equipment To Use To Design A Show, Concert Lighting Covers Everything A Designer Needs To Know About Working In The Touring Industry