[Audible] Contract LawAuthor Mindy Chen Wishart – Bilb-weil.de

Excellent material for understanding the law of contract including very helpful diagrams and all based on meticulous researchout offor innovation and for making contract law accessible and interesting to students Anca Chirita, Lecturer in Law, Durham University The book is composed in a way that encourages and stimulates learning The volume is original in style and written in a lively and student friendly manner The clear way in which contract law is explained throughout and augmented by easy to follow diagrams and tables helps not only to explain key concepts but also to summarise work that has already been covered The Law Teacher An excellent book which provides a comprehensive grounding in the fundamentals The analysis of legal doctrine is second to none, and is aided with innovative tables and diagrams Prince Saprai, Senior Lecturer, University College London For anyone looking for an accessible account of contract law, you should seriously consider this latest edition of Mindy Chen Wishart s Contract Law It provides an accessible and clear account of the law The flowcharts and diagrams are worth their weight in gold Student Law Journal A modern and accessible text which meaningfully engages students and contains thought provoking analytical features Emma Teare, Senior Lecturer in Law, Teesside University Thoughtful and erudite in analysis this is an interesting, critical and clearly accomplished text Rob Jago, University of Surrey My favourite of the contract law textbooks with a clear structure, elegant style and extensive use of visual aids Scott Styles, School of Law, University of Aberdeen The text is very well structured, clearly written and cogently argued This is an ideal introduction for the beginner and a valuable resource for the finalist Stefan Enchelmaier, Professor of European and Comparative Law, University of OxfordWritten by a leading contract lawyer with extensive teaching experience, Contract Law takes a unique approach to a complex subject Chen Wishart combines academic rigour with an innovative visual approach, presenting the law with diagrams, flowcharts and tables to provide students with a stimulating account of key principles and an engaging analysis of the complexities of contract law Thought provoking analytical features, such as the Pause for reflection and Counterpoint boxes encourage active and critical engagement with the topics Online resources The book is accompanied by a suite of online resources including animated versions of selected diagrams with audio commentary guidance on answering the questions posed in the book web links to key cases and legislation updates and two additional chapters on incapacity and illegality public policy Additionally, lecturers have access to a test bank, and electronic copies of the diagrams from the book