Free pdf Conversations in Modern Standard Arabic (Yale Language) (Yale Language Series)Author Belkacem Baccouche –

A highly useful and beautiful textbook which addresses a longstanding need in the teaching of Arabic, beautifully conceived and well executed Settings and conversations are so naturally constructed and so idiomatically expressed that we have the impression that we know the real life prototypes of the characters depicted, that we ve experienced the episodes recounted, and that we ve visited the places described Nora Kalliel, Visiting Lecturer, Oriental Studies Dept University of Arizona This highly useful textbook aims at presenting teachers and students of Arabic with the means of inculcating and absorbing the oral skills so necessary in modern ArabicThe authors, both experienced teachers of Arabic, have produced an attractive, well organized text that addresses a longstanding need in the field Middle East Journal The strengths of this book lie in that it uses real situational language rather than the dry grammar based language found in so many texts Douglas R MaGrath, Modern Language Journal

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    Not as good as described The condition was barely fair but described as good Needs to be accurate with description.