[kindle] Conversations with Meredith Monk (Performance Ideas)Author Bonnie Marranca – Bilb-weil.de

Conversations with Meredith Monk offers a richly detailed portrait of the internationally renowned composer, performer, director, and filmmaker who has helped to create the new vocabularies of contemporary performance Reflecting on her creative life in music, performance, and film over her entire career, Monk offers fascinating insights into how she works, the questions she asks herself as an artist, and the deeply held personal views of art practice as spiritual practice

2 thoughts on “Conversations with Meredith Monk (Performance Ideas)

  1. Leif Jensen Leif Jensen says:

    A very good interview with Meredith Monk in a small handy book.

  2. Dr. Debra Jan Bibel Dr. Debra Jan Bibel says:

    I had the wrong impression of Meredith Monk I regarded her chiefly as a musician and occasional film maker based on her CD albums and attendance at her several symphony hall presentations This small book, by size and by its 129 pages, informed me that fundamentally she is a theater person involved in all detailed aspects of stage craft From the beginning at Sarah Lawrence College, she developed her interests in voice, instrumental music, dance, theatrical acting, and soon thereafter experimental film Within the New York City milieu of the avant garde art community in an era of happenings, she experimented and explored theatrical lighting, costume design, venue and space, positional configuration and movement, choreography, gestures, language and sound, with voice as character, landscape, and instrument, and relationships with audience This book is the text of an interview of Monk, now passed the age of 70, by Bonnie Marranca, a publisher, editor, and professor of theater arts With pivot of Monk s then recent work Songs of Ascension, they discuss the process of creating and philosophical approaches Of Jewish heritage generations of musicians and Buddhist in practice, Monk regards her art as spiritual technique seeking, the journey, compassion, and ephemeral existence are frequent themes in her various somewhat ritualistic works, including opera Presence and the moment, the wonder of abstraction, and her wordless but emotional vocal techniques are directed toward transcendence While claiming not to be a multi media artist, her holistic performance design does encompass multiple performance arts music, dance, song, acting, drama, stage design, and sometimes film elements The book provides interesting tidbits, such as Monk choosing 2 4 and 4 4 measures when her musician cast needs to walk, while otherwise, she prefers odd time signatures, as 5 4 and 7 8 The language of the book seems to have theatrical shorthand among professionals in discussions of concepts, and this scientist, so used to precision, often needed to distill and summarize as I read Nonetheless, this brief book certainly rounds out my appreciation of Monk s creative genius, spiritual arts, and beginner s mind.