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Looks at the life and achievements of the religious reformer who launched missions to Africa, America, and Russia

15 thoughts on “Count Zinzendorf: First Fruit

  1. Steven T. Steven T. says:

    The Moravians were amongst the earliest protestants 60 years before Luther and amongst the earliest protestant missionaries sent out from Europe, the UK and the USA.Ludwig s Christian fervour and practical leadership shines throughout although his failures are noted and also how God turned these to the good.I am not a pacifist and believe in just war but now I understand why I may have heard about conscientious objection when I grew up in the Moravian Church in Westwood, Oldham, UK as it was a tenet of faith for Moravians added to that of Quakers and accepted by a British Act of Parliament during the 18th century.Although the book is written for young people I found it captivating and detailed and although simple it is not simplistic and explains issues carefully.I loved it and would recommend it for all ages.

  2. The Forest Princess The Forest Princess says:

    Amazing, amazing man Although written as though at the time, an easy not in depth read If you want about the man, find another book These books give a latte approach Meaning much froth, not much coffee

  3. Customer Customer says:

    My kids enjoy reading this series of books This book was interesting to us because we had never even heard of Count Zinzendorf These books are written in a way that holds the students attention and helps to provide positive examples of people who have chosen to live their lives to honor God.

  4. 1endinsight 1endinsight says:

    Inspiring However, I think I world have tackled the parts about the Moravian heretical teachings differently That part felt clunky to me And hard to keep reading about his kids Sigh.

  5. Paul Brush Paul Brush says:

    I am in my late forties and am enjoying reading about these heroes of the faith It is short and to the point and it provides for me enough detail about the person and time they lived in without going into too much unwarranted information It is also inspirational for me because even in my toughest times or stressful days, I can see that the Lord was there for people in dire circumstances than mine.

  6. Rekaughn Rekaughn says:

    We like to cast the Kindle version to the TV while Audible reads along we need the Audible version of this book the rest in the series Kindle highlights the words of the book as it is narrated, which is a good help for the kiddos.

  7. Blake Atchison Blake Atchison says:

    If you are here thinking about reading this then consider that You are close to becoming much informed about The Holy Spirit and maybe why you are about you read this Seek The Truth and HE Jesus shall set you Free.

  8. quiltosaurus2 quiltosaurus2 says:

    We love all the books by these authors This book was fascinating to see the connections between Europe and the United States as well as to see all that the Count gave up We use these biographies for homeschooling, but my son loves them so much that he rereads them over and over I enjoy reading them as well.

  9. Happy Heart Happy Heart says:

    This book is fantastic

  10. Doug Doug says:

    Great Product..

  11. Nancy E. Nancy E. says:

    I absolutely love this book series, but this is the first one that I did not like Count Zinzendorf became somewhat cult like as a leader over the years, and sort of scary actually.


    This book takes you into an amazing adventure through time with a man of God whose heart was absolutely pierced with the timeless love and passion of God whose walk has probably influenced many lives and nations even today His story is inspiring and motivating and should be one every Christian becomes familiar with This is a story from the past that has real application today Great read

  13. Diana Diana says:

    Good and interesting book Must buy

  14. sky rose sky rose says:

    All the books in this series are wonderful biographies of Christian heroes written for younger readers.

  15. artbox artbox says:

    Good reference detail in enjoyable reading style.