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Jennifer s book triggers a deluge of insights and really caused me to think both about how I have navigated our work and our couple in the past and all the mistakes we made and importantly how to navigate our future Backed by research and filled with real stories that bring her findings to life, Jennifer lays out a working strategy that couples can really use as they journey through what she crystallizes into 3 key phases of every couple s life I myself am in the 3rd phase and will be buying this book for each of my four daughters who are all in phase 1 How lucky they are to have the benefit of Jennifer s research and wisdom so early in their couples and their careers. Jennifer Petriglieri gives us a compilation of some honest conversations about how hard it is to not only balance but actually succeed in juggling work, family, kids and marriage for men and women Through six years of academic research, including interviews of real dual career couples, this must read book highlights key solutions to roadblocks to progress for women who work Many of us know effective communication is key for a successful relationship, but this book gives us a framework and tools we can use now, no matter what life career stage you are in A couples contract Yes Thanks for the push Reminding us to remain curious and proactive in our relationship So important When I am hard on myself as a mother I say I was a better parent before I had kids the plan was 100% organic homemade meals, strict parenting, etc , I also believe that about my marriage and career the plan was to communicate calmly, etc In reality the fast pace of life and frustrations kids can bring gets in the way of the best intentions, and this book reminds me to step back, check in, communicate, and revisit and rework our plans so they work for making my marriage and my career work too. A phenomenally helpful book It feels like it empathized directly with my situation both spouses working, living in a foreign country and then gave some really valuable exercises to help work through a lot of the thornier conversations my wife and I have been having recently Thinking through values, boundaries, and fears provided great grounding for taking our conversations out of the logistical weeds and to the stuff that really matters I m certain we ll revisit the book and its helpful guidance repeatedly not only as we enter different phases of our relationship Jennifer identifies 3 major inflection points or big questions in a couple s lifecycle , but also to help re center our conversations on a regular basis Highly recommended. Although the topic is very relevant today and sparked a lot of interest from me living lots of dual career couple challenges this book ultimately failed to keep me hooked, and I couldn t finish it The core messages are relevant, but the delivery falls short for 2 reasons.1 Multiple parts are over explained to death and messages keep being repeated, with unnecessary scientific academic wording sprinkled over This dilutes the takeaways and my attention.2 Also, in one occasion, personal experience from the author is dissected and presented as one of the first solutions in the book contract notion This undermines credibility, for a book that prides itself in having interviewed a wide range of couples.In the end, I wish I had patience, as I do want to learn all about the challenges and solutions to this topic The current format just doesn t work for me.Why not make a short version of it, an in depth article I d pay for it , that focuses on the main takeaways Every Couple Wants A Happy Relationship And A Meaningful Career But How Do We Balance Both In Couples That Work, Professor Jennifer Petriglieri Shifts Away From The Language Of Sacrifice And Trade Offs And Focuses On How Couples Can Successfully Tackle The Challenges They Will Face Throughout Their Lives Together The Book Explores Key Questions LikeCan You And Your Partner Have Equally Important Careers Or Must You Prioritise One Over The Other How Can You Juggle Children Or Family Commitments Without Sacrificing Your Work Does Every Decision Require Compromise Or Can You Find Solutions That Benefit You Both Identifying Common Triggers And Traps, And Presenting Engaging Exercises To Help You Avoid And Overcome Them, This Book Will Help Every Couple Design Their Own Unique Way To Combine Love And Work At Every Stage Of Their Journey Hugely Insightful A Must Read For All Couples Susan David, Author Of Emotional Agility Managing One Career Is Hard Enough Two Often Seems Impossible In This Book, Jennifer Shares What She S Learned About How Couples Can Not Only Survive But Thrive Adam Grant, Author Of Originals